picnic by the sea

Linking to Gina’s picnic themed haibun prompt at dVerse Poets

Camping near the beach, we plan a picnic lunch to the enticing sound of surf. The cool morning sea breeze has acquiesced to the gentle sun’s insistent warming. We pack water bottles, ham, cheese & lettuce sandwiches, chips, sugar cookies, and  mandarin oranges into the yellow backpack. We pull on swimsuits, grab thick towels, sand implements, and two shapeless sack chairs for us parents.

In sandals and flip flops, we traipse across hot asphalt parking lot, zigzag along boardwalk down the grassy dunes to the beach. Happily off-season, we take our time choosing just the right spot on the uncrowded sand. Mom and Dad commence to read or nap in the sun while sons eagerly deploy tools for building the world’s greatest sand castle near the water.


southern vacation
keep sand out of sandwiches
seagulls beg for crumbs



photo by lynn

12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Grace
    May 01, 2019 @ 20:25:03

    I love your memories of the picnic by the sea and that sandcastles photo. Those seagulls can be bothersome though when there’s food. Thanks for sharing Lynn.


  2. Frank Hubeny
    May 01, 2019 @ 15:05:23

    That is a nice sandcastle. I hadn’t thought of sand getting in the sandwiches, but after building a sandcastle I can see how it could happen.


  3. Sabio Lantz
    Apr 30, 2019 @ 09:52:23

    Fun — I could see your world — and indeed, “world’s best ….” Ah, childhood.


  4. Beverly Crawford
    Apr 30, 2019 @ 08:56:25

    I could almost hear the lapping waves and feel the rays of the sun! It’s such simple moments that linger in our memory. Good write!


  5. Gina
    Apr 30, 2019 @ 06:42:06

    your haiku is a wonderful summary of this memorable day. a traditional picnic by the sea, nostalgia and good family time, what could be better to share with generations who hurry trough life, chasing more time but never spending it as wonderfully as this. i am glad you wrote this and shred with us.


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