neigh of neighbors

busy husband beavering
with wood in a back shed
mothers catting back and forth
to catch young kits for bed
grandma rabbiting about
in garden’s warm black dirt
brothers squirrel round a tree
till one falls and gets hurt
sisters lark on swingset
sing songs with silly words
wee early morning’s quiet
except for beetling birds


Sarah’s poetics prompt to use animal nouns as verbs…i had fun with rhymes as well 🙂

pass the water, please

verde, chile, jalapeno,
habanero, ghost,
cayenne and chipotle
with avocado toast

flavors found at festival
in hatch, new mexico
slow roasted, fresh salsa,
ristras strung to go

smokin’ hot, fire-breathing
it’s not hard to understand
sgt. pepper’s membership
in lonely hearts club band!

Quadrille (44 words) linked to dVerse poets pub and “pepper” prompt

beauty in diversity

we humans exhibit many differences

in shades of skin, hair, and eyes

older and younger generations

in experience and education

our languages and cultures

beliefs, opinions, habits

there’s beauty in diversity, don’t let differences divide!

we all run in one human race

we bleed red and die once

everyone needs food and clean water

a place to live and people to love

productive, rewarding, useful work

can we provide for each other?

there’s beauty in diversity, don’t let differences divide!

spice of life

so…i have not tried tai chi for fitness but i do practice chai tea 🙂

reflection on mother’s day

dear mirror
who shows me
who i am…loved,
worthy to be loved,
learning how to trust
others in wide world;
first centered on you,
it’s expanded through
your wise instruction,
inspiration, induction.
now i in turn nurture
love as reflection
** of you **

A quadrille linked to dVerse poetics with Merril today.

fox family

foxes build homes of cool earth;

burrows dug deep under changeable skies.

in dark den, a vixen gives birth,

to sightless pups who whimper where mom lies.

Creator God, to you all creatures raise myriad voices united in praise.

underground, newborn fox kits pass each hour

waiting for father who prowls, growling this night;

hunts by scent, stealthy as rare moon flower,

he fills cache with fresh meat before dawn’s light.

Creator God, to you all creatures raise myriad voices united in praise.

both reynard and vixen’s instinctual love

is needed to nurture each furry fox child

they protectively watch for danger above

and lead kits outside when weather grows mild.

Creator God, to you all creatures raise myriad voices united in praise.


This poem uses the end rhymes and similar refrain of hymn, “For the Beauty of the Earth”.

man’s wisdom

De invites us to post a quick quadrille at dVerse poets pub


we dabble in exploration,

attempting to map what we’ve

experienced of the wide world

but, like pre-Columbian charts

before discovery of a new world,

our lines meander meaninglessly

and our foolish cartography needs

drastic revision upon further research

and confirmation of actual reality

american pie-in-the-sky

public notice on
this fun-sunny
april afternoon:
sing your song,
bang the drum,
knock me out with
chemical life-in-a-bottle
but please don’t touch
me while i am sleeping
on a freshly-painted park
bench because i don’t
wish to be a-woke-end
to petrichor reality
in the middle of my
fruit-loop daydream.

-signed: uncle sammy


Get on the bandwagon, make some music with dVerse poets (and include titles of Linda Perry songs).

tulip mania

Spring brings tulips to full bloom in the Netherlands. A rainbow riot of colors paints the landscape. The industrious Dutch ancestors reclaimed the fertile polders from the North Sea and planted flower bulbs. Speculators and a bulb shortage raised the value of certain varieties in the 1630’s. The Dutch traded bulbs like currency.

Amsterdam hosts the annual Tulip Festival which offers a month-long feast for the eyes in the city squares and parks. In late April, the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek, a stunning parade of flowery floats ridden by celebrants, travels from Noordwijk to Haarlem. Anyone visiting Holland must see the Keukenhof in Lisse, one of the world’s most magnificent gardens.

By late spring, the best of the blooms are past so be sure to time your visit carefully. You don’t have to be Dutch to appreciate the unique beauty of tulips!

love blooms in the spring

what is favorite dutch treat

tulips or two lips?


Spring haibuns served at dVerse Poets pub with Linda Lee Lyberg this Monday…join us!

no lol ;)

17 syllables make an american sentence

if my poetry is bad enough will people think it’s from AI?

winter wrangling


winter won’t let go
snow blows, sun beats, clouds recoil
tug-o-war with spring
robin redbreast looks confused
water in birdbath frozen

spring sevenling

A window view with dVerse poets….

i rake dead leaves
pick up fallen sticks
fill birdbath to brim

seven sparrows
fritter in chirpy circle
twitter reflectively on rim

lazy gaze out window sees spring days peep in

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