American sentence (17 syllables)


Pro-choice demonstrators who scream for abortion rights on mothers’ day.







spring zephyr

south wind
it blows wildly
sound rushes through treetops
directional wave of grass


squeaky windmill
empty swings randomly
hapless birds trying to fly straight


of the battle
we walk along with wind
find fallen branches to pick up


gardening tools
desire to plant flowers
but fear wind will beat petals off
too strong


too strong
mow lawn instead
fragrant clippings breeze by
young squirrels chase each other’s tails
south wind


Cinquain chain (5 stanzas of 5 lines each) in Crapsey form (2-4-6-8-2 syllable lines) connecting with Laura, our host for MTB challenge at dVerse Poets

for sake of humanity


follow the science

into woman’s womb where

the zygote is human, the fetus is alive


follow the law

of U.S. Constitution written

to protect and shelter the vulnerable


follow the love

with sleeping baby in arms

embrace quiet truth of her heartbeats



by design

one man, one woman

distinctions are perfection



Haiku describes beauty as seen in natural world.


did you go rub that
balloon in your hair?
is that why it sticks
on the wall up there?

i don’t need your static
so please don’t touch me
ow! must you pass spark
of personal electricity?!

boys are such joys —
he laughs ecstatically


A quadrille (44 words) for dVerse Poets pub. Mish hosts theme of “static” scene.

new horizons

A “troiku” linked to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. A troiku takes original haiku and make three new haiku beginning with lines from the original.

Original haiku, inspired by Jane Reichhold’s haiku:

the night is shortened

dark clouds disappear at dawn

with a rising sun

My troiku, using lines of original:

the night is shortened

when sweetly blessed with deep sleep

awaken refreshed

dark clouds disappear

stars now slowly extinguish

and clear dawn will break

with a rising sun

tea time on new patio

you and i greet day

candidly speaking

peruse faded photographs
of family members in sepia tones
subjects squint, seem to laugh
from ivory lace-covered bones

years before your difficult birth
they lived youthful, even carefree
genes may pre-determine girth
but dreams expand poetically

refile old photos in manilla
and stash them under bed
we should organize into album,
shove in shoebox coffin instead

hop-along song

rabbits and robins
hop-along happily
awakening grove of trees

birds between deciduous
bunnies under pines

they hop, then stop
they twitch and listen
to sounds upon the breeze

rabbits long hop languorous
robins short hop dotted-lines

hop-along for feeding
hop-along in play
i spy happy hoppers
to brighten cloudy day


my father
has been gone
exactly a year today
and the memories of
his dying taste like chalk
on a parched tongue…
but the memories of his living
smell like mountain trout,
burnt cream puffs, chlorine
of pool where he saved me
from drowning.


A quadrille of forty-four words linked to dVerse poets.

beauty of small

artwork by Ukrainian artist, Vika Muse / ekphrastic poem linked with dVerse Poets

winter’s dormant season dies slow
as warmer blast blows past until
ice melt meets raindrops in rivulets

streams swell around my rock island
where elfin pup and i gladly greet spring
beneath big green dock leaf umbrella

magic blue mushrooms push up
through the wetness while pink fairy
flowers blush from sheer happiness

in world of war, hate, and polarization
imagination provides bright inspiration
to bring fresh hope, to dream of peace

morning hymn

every evening i rest in you
grant sleep to those you love
every morning i’m still with you
awakened by Spirit above

rejoice with the sun, the dawn is breaking
come greet the new day the Lord is making

every day is a gift from you
give me a song to sing
every moment is breath from you
give purpose to everything

rejoice with the birds, the day is breaking
come see the new day the Lord is making

every blessing comes from you
good gifts from God above
every morning given by you
our generous Father of love


An “aubade” linked to dVerse Poets


A Somonka consisting of 2 tankas of statement/response on love theme.

fear and dread well up
alone in my darkest hour
enemies approach
i cannot feel your presence
God, have you forsaken me?
no, my child, I’m here
sweating drops of my own blood
i know your deep pain
settle your heart in silence
love holds you in stone garden

art by sonicbornagain

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