There once was a bison named Buck

who jumped in the back of a truck;

he enjoyed scenic ride

until engine died

now bison and driver are stuck.



Tweetspeak Poetry prompt to write a buffalo limerick…

happy poem in pocket day

A little limerick in honor of Poem in My Pocket Day…when I titled my blog, almost three years ago, I did not know it was a “national” holiday!

I carry a poem in my pocket

Obsession eccentric – don’t knock it!

May I read it aloud?

Make dead poets proud

If you enjoy versing, let’s rock it!

garden photo by lynn__

photo by lynn__



There once was a chocolatier judge

who ate too many samples of fudge

SO much of a treat

NO longer tastes sweet

from his bench, he simply couldn’t budge!



(photo from wikimedia commons, mackinacfudgeshop_turtle)