opening to lovelight


floating on black pond

mysterious lotus heart

~ deeper reflections ~



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sun psalm


display of glory

nearly audible voice heard

sunbeams from heaven


(Psalm 19: 1-6)

Free…to live right

Instead of seeking to be great, may Americans seek to be good!



“We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of the government…[but] upon all of us to govern ourselves…to sustain ourselves according to the ten commandments of God.”   

– James Madison, founding father & U.S. President 1809-1817

underwater wonder

An amazing animal to observe is the North American river otter. An otter’s dainty ears, alert eyes and long whiskers give it an engaging appearance. Otters are curious and sociable creatures. Their antics entertain and they like to perform.

Otters are the only water-loving members of the weasel family and are perfectly designed for swimming. They have extra-thick fur that traps air between the under-layer and longer guard hairs to keep their skin dry. Their torpedo-shaped bodies with short limbs are impressively streamlined. Webbed hind feet prove efficient as flippers. Claws, speed and teeth equip this carnivore for proficient fishing.

My husband and I enjoyed watching the river otter dive, swim and spin in its tank at the Houston Zoological Park. I recorded a brief video which later delighted our grand daughters. Each creature designed by God reveals his wisdom and glory. Each plays a vital role in nature’s ecological balance.

river otter glides

zoos educate and research

discover wonder




little buddy red-
faced, setting the stage
to fly into kicking and sweating rage

wiser granny said-
stop your fretting, my child
there’s no use getting unruly riled

now go to bed-
buddy, until lesson you learn
to let kissing cousins have a turn!



Quadrille (44-word poem) including the word “fret”… with Kim at dVerse Poets

hanalei market


leisurely saturday morning
vacation stop to photograph
picturesque wooden church

park jeep on emerald lawn
off nearby malolo road
white tents reflect sunshine

organic taro fields and
lush mountain peaks serve
as backdrop to lively scene

wander past exotic fruits
and fresh juice samplers
to sounds of ukulele music

admire woven baskets and
printed aloha fish onesies
try on designer canvas hats

taste pineapple shaved ice
sample fresh mango salsa,
buy longan “eyes”, star fruit

sudden clouds darken sky
thank friendly island vendor
sprint laughing in warm rain


youth’s days numbered


Inside a rustic cabin deep in Yukon territory, an old miner seasoned a simmering pot of venison stew.

Stroking his grizzled chin, he thought about the majestic elk herd he’d encountered migrating through a mountain meadow late that afternoon: one dominant young bull calling a large group of cows and calves to follow. After the herd disappeared over a ridge, a straggler came stumbling out of the trees: an old bull, wild-eyed and abandoned. Somehow he’d felt a kindred spirit to the animal…

Later, eerie howls of wolves on their twilight hunt woke him. He stirred the fire’s embers before going outside in the dark to check on his pack mule. Under waning moon, he was fumbling with the cabin latch on his return when far away an interrupted cry of the lone elk was heard as the hungry pack took him down.


An exercise in “prosery” for dVerse where Bjorn challenges us to write flash fiction of 144 words (exactly!) and include the phrase (from Robert Frost) in italics above.


stark silhouette

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 5.24.27 AM


Another game of magnetic poetry online describing a dead tree standing in neighbor’s ditch; stripped bare of bark, stark white silhouette…

7 years of blogging


A big THANK YOU to WordPress and all of YOU readers out there!



7th Anniversary blogging with WordPress

not measured in diamonds

A “rich” quadrille shape poem linked to dVerse Poetics…

life rich?
yard mud
sky overcast
farm prices low
spring weather wet
my husband stressed
emotions under pressure
fledglings leaving nest
we look to retirement
son works our farm
cornfields planted
new calves frolic
garden sprouts
life is rich




springs anew

Challenge at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai: Give it a thought and try to ‘photo-shop” it to a “better version of itself” just by “a little change”…


even an old man
has New Year’s eyes…
cherry blossoms

© Issa

cherry buds blossom
with fresh possibilities
even old men dream

© lynn__


purposed reeds

Tan renga challenge at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai…add  two lines to master haiku.


by my new banana plant
the first sign of something I loathe —
a miscanthus bud!

© Basho

hedge of bull elephant grass
overpowers the garden

© lynn__


image – CDHK









another year is gone
a traveler’s shade on my head,
straw sandals at my feet

© Basho

i’ve worn many places on
journey there and back again

© lynn__



image – pixabay

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