true & timeless

Find truth based in actual reality

We hold these truths to be self-evident

Apply truth to every human being

that all men are created equal;

Recognize the real Source of truth

that they are endowed by their Creator

Protect individual rights against mob “truth”

with certain unalienable rights;

Defend the basic truth of the right to life

that among these are life,

Allow persons to pursue truth freely…

liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

…because the Truth will set you free!



old boundary stone
marks division of moorlands
texture of heather

image from pinterest

Linking to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai time challenge…

inferno’s aftermath

Image from Radio Canada (2018)


broken shadows across the cracked ground
skeletal corpses of burned trees
rising eerily above
ancient fir forest floor
littered with creatures
choked by the smoke
victims in

A nonet is nine lines of poetry, beginning with first line of 9 syllables, second line of 8 syllables…descending to one line of 1 syllable. The first line of my nonet is taken from W. S. Merwin’s poem, To the Light of September. I am linking to dVerse poets pub where Laura hosts tonight…

you can quote me

In bleak January, as calving season approaches, we check cows during the night. It’s usually a quiet, clear, and cold walk through the cattle yard with a flashlight. Above earth’s shadow, the Milky Way spills stars across an expectant sky. The rib of crescent moon points toward eye of Venus blinking down on contented mamas-to-be.

They chew, then sigh with heavy breath as ribs expand to carry spring’s developing calves to term. Gentle bovine eyes shine with pregnant reflection behind frosty eyelashes, longer than winter. Some stand by empty bunk, licked clean, while others fold knobby legs and wide hooves underneath them to rest, barrel-bodied, on bedding straw. They turn their heavy heads, nostrils flare to smell, as I pass by.

What do cows think about, meditating on their cud? I do believe that “in their dreams, they sleep with the moo-n.”

Quote from Mary Oliver’s Death at Wind River; link to dVerse prosery.

in need of blessing

Oh Lord,

we are helpless in our sin

without your grace,

we are hapless in our misery

without your mercy,

we are hopeless in our death

without your peace,

only YOU can save!


Grace, mercy, and peace be to you from God our Father

through our Lord Jesus Christ…Amen.


didn’t mean to be
eavesdropping, sitting
in auction ring gallery
waiting for our cattle to sell
when two buyers in front of us
start shooting the bull about
their new houses:
“7000 square feet”
“because I can!”

yet farmers can’t get square price…

Join dVerse poets serving up quadrilles today…

simply be kind

kindness is…
the willing brother who pumps
up the flat tire on his sister’s bike

kindness is…
the lonely spouse who leaves the
last piece of dessert for their partner

kindness is…
the late truck driver who allows
an impatient car to merge ahead

kindness is…
the old woman who pours a bowl
of warm milk for a scrawny stray cat

kindness is…
the tired professor who stays after
class to re-teach a struggling student

kindness is…
the friendly librarian who welcomes
timid immigrants into a new community

kindness is…
the off-duty police officer who helps
clean up his neighborhood after riots

Linking to dVerse poets’ open link night…

we’ll have fun, fun, fun

Linking to dVerse poets pub where Linda hosts tonight and Lisa got us thinking about clowns this week….

why worry over troubles?
blow rainbow soap bubbles

if can’t keep your cool?
splash feet in kiddie pool

misplace happy smile?
time to wrestle dog pile

living under dark cloud?
read picture book aloud

is brain turning fuzzle?
fix jigsaw floor puzzle

has life lost its zing?
take ride in a swing

no exercise you like?
push child on a bike

who needs circus clowns
when grandkids come

summer humidity

Linking to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai for tan renga challenge…given classical haiku, add two lines.

such a hot day
my shadow needs to cool down
under the willow

© Kyoshi Takahama

no breeze rustles sweating leaves
even the birds are quiet

© lynn

image – CDHK

window to writer’s world


writing is a process;
mental and physical
engagement with my
surroundings; a scene
from the window or a
moment within mind.

i welcome green ideas
wholesome, peaceful,
like the life-giving trees
in farm grove; oxygen
for brain in warmth of
full summer season.

but sometimes my
words reveal darker
thoughts like dormant,
leafless trees; barren
and bleak in cold of
dull wintery wood.



This is the view from window above my writing desk…linked to dVerse poetics

rambling rhyme


let’s amble down dirt path
thru bramble in the woods
we’ll ramble like a poem

hear rumble of the thunder
don’t bumble over tree roots
or stumble where you roam

step nimble-ly while hiking
hold thimble compass steady
star symbol guides us home


Linking with Linda Lee Lyberg at dVerse poets to write quadrille (44-words) on “among the brambles” theme.  Enjoy the berries but beware of snakes!



when i was little,wp-1594253600335

we would chew

penny gum balls,

colorful as turmeric,

and imagine spiced

potpourri dreams in

passing clouds; do you

see a lazy lizard? yes, it

wears old leather boots

and rides a sea serpent!


Linking to Linda’s paint chip poetry on “when i was little” theme!

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