writer’s blockhead


am i real writer or

perhaps dreamy dabbler?

skilled smithy of words or

unintelligible babbler?

can i complete homework

by end of the week?

my pen, now tongue-tied, can hardly speak!

when i begin online writing class

such baffling questions i myself ask!


pandemic fallout

Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 11.30.53 AM


frays nerves
as relationship

fractures hearts
so socially dis-

roils beneath
an obfuscating

muddles mind
in ubiquitous

within withers
when hope dis-


Incredulously, I may not visit my 87-year-old father as he struggles with Covid-19.  It seems the protocols are as deadly as the pandemic as many elderly have suffered from the fallout as much as the disease. 

slow melt

This snowman may look innocent

but there’s mischief in his eye

See that crooked little  smile…

you think he might be foreign spy?

Let’s celebrate these days with joy 

’til naughty snowman says “goodbye!”

evening epiphany

Great celestial conjugation

predicted by astronomers

at dusk of winter solstice

bright sign in evening sky

when giants Jupiter & Saturn

king & queen of the planets

slow dance in orbits aligned

(their last date was in 1623).




A reminder of the Christmas

star observed long ago by

astrologer kings who believe

announcement of royal birth

(under cruel rule of tyrant king)

travel across sands of time to

worship young King of kings

with such gifts to outshine stars!










As I viewed this rare conjunction through binoculars, the song We Three Kings played on the car radio! https://youtu.be/ci-tSEifh4E

a warm retreat

A quadrille for dVerse poets hosted by Linda Lee Lyberg…

in heart of home
is hearth of stone
a cozy inglenook

all those who roam
are welcomed home
to familiar inglenook

tired souls feel inspired
near kindle logs fired
in blazing inglenook

after supper, table clear,
fond stories beg to hear
by comforting inglenook

INGLENOOK (noun, English) – A close intimate corner by a fireplace where people gather for warmth; from “ingle”, a hearth (Scots).


earth as a psalm

“To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night”  (Gibran)

moonlight on lake reflects your beauty
mountain stream repeats your song
to know and to glorify you, my duty
to admire your ways my whole life long
gold rays of sunlight reveal nature’s booty
from delicate flower to forest tree strong
all creatures created for your enjoyment
call humanity into your good employment

Written in octave form of 8 lines (octava, rima rhyme scheme)…prompted by Laura at dVerse poets.

traveling in the wilderness



when everyone wears masks

not just the thugs—who can

tell the difference between

bank teller or bank robber?

depends who holds the gun,

i suppose, that’s how it goes

down around town now?

coronavirus makes everyday

an unpaid masquerade



who misses the kisses?

what deprivation of hugs?

if love is to die for then

who can tell the difference

between death by covid or

death from a lonely heart?

carry them out dressed in

hazmat suits—travelers

in wilderness of contagion



Linking to dVerse poets where Sarah offers titles as writing prompt…

memory bank

something to make you laugh

something to make you cry

something warm as blanket

something cool as icicles

something that shimmers silver

something that splashes blue

something soft as cotton

something sharp as needles

some things which are worth saving

some things which are best forgotten


Link to Tweetspeak Poetry where Callie Feyen asks: what is a memory?  I answered by expanding on this list poem.

2020 has not aged well

A documentary poem linked to dVerse poetics

Eighty-six years young,

energetic octogenarian

on outing with daughter

and husband, who can

vouch as eye-witnesses,

was seen walking around

the stockyards, up and

down stairs holding rails,

shared smoked turkey legs,

even stayed for evening

rodeo past usual bedtime.



Months later, following

corona-virus outbreak,

an old man walks out of

his assisted living home,

slips off curb behind his

parked car, recovers, sells

said vehicle, exchanges

for walker to roam halls

takes two naps daily,

even loses weight from

not eating well alone,

zoom marks 87th year.





color tones

if jazz is blue, then
blues play cerulean

rock & roll thumps a
loudly violent violet

rap taps bold blood,
so immodestly garnet

country music waxes
into mellow marigold

gospel soothes with its
rich emerald harmony

while classical sounds
notably black & white

Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sense leads to automatic, involuntary experiences of a second one.  Seeing music as colors is one form of synesthesia.  (recent prompt by Grace at dVerse poets)

Folly’s countdown

10 – Force changes from top down instead of allowing choices.

9 – Throw out rule of law (baby) to get rid of injustice (bathwater).

8 – Define diversity to mean all people must talk and think alike.

7 – Censor any contradicting opinions or disagreeable science.

6 – Hope that weak family bonds will strengthen social fabric.

5 – Live entitled; expect government to supply every need.

4 – Assign politicians as gods in control of natural disasters.

3 – Incentivize irresponsibility while punishing productivity.

2 – Promote mob rule as higher value than individual rights.

1 – Polarize the public, demonize dissenters, create civil chaos.


It’s not very poetic, more of a list on the “folly” themelinking to dVerse 🙂

home builder sonnet

if one drafts blueprints for a lovely home
you must consider every detail well,
for family and friends to feel welcome
and when you leave the property will sell.

place windows to allow natural light
yet insulate to conserve energy
do you want doors a standard width and height?
should you design with perfect symmetry?

plan how to best use space in every room
a basement or a second floor include?
back deck or outdoor patio presume
to bring fresh air and set a pleasant mood

’tis folly if foundation’s not secure
stability of residence… be sure!

True for building a house, a life, or a nation.  Join the follies at dVerse  🙂

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