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So…what is it about men that it always has to be their idea?!   😉

resurrection hope



perfectly imperfect


Marriage is a meeting, a melding, a matching of two primaly different perspectives. It’s a perfectly imperfect study in passion where one discovers a fine line between ecstasy and agony. Beware of emotional baggage that packs bitterness…open up to launder, expose contents to fresh air.

Love and hate are but two sides of the same coin. Consider the root of anger. Do I really hate YOU in this moment? Or do I hate that you do not (cannot?) love me the way that I really want to be loved? Let go with an open heart, hold on with warm hands. Forgiveness preserves togetherness.


social distancing

will bring out the best and worst

grace always wins






spring forecast



sunny, with flurries of snow

and common grackles




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Awake in middle of night…time to play magnetic poetry online!



when restaurants close,
drive throughs open double lanes
to serve safely.

when schools close,
teachers open online rooms
to teach remotely.

when surgical centers close,
hospital personnel open doors
to care courageously.

when church buildings close,
God’s people open united hearts
to pray faithfully.


Linking to dVerse Poets quadrille prompt…44 words on “close”.

hindsight is 2020

Linking to Linda’s fearless paint chip poetry prompt…I used all the colors 🙂  Also, check out dVerse poetics where Bjorn invites us to write on this time of the plague.


perhaps, looking back, we
may possibly be tickled pink
to experience the good fortune
of living through the apocalypse—
not of destruction, but revelation,
which sharpens iron, unveiling
nuts and bolts of wiser choices
like bright sunburst in your eyes;
the sweet ’n sour of life’s losses
purges the palate (and palette)
even as it washes away our
fragile sand castle dreams.


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paint chip samples

Covid 19 OCD


flatten the coronavirus curve

do not touch your face

practice safe social distancing


free clip art

DO not touch your face

wash hands for twenty seconds

do NOT touch your face

wipe down all smooth surfaces

do not TOUCH your face

wear sterile gloves, N95 mask

do not touch YOUR face

what if eyeballs and teeth itch?

do not touch your FACE!




our best HOPE!

look up in pandemic



such times of great loss can open our eyes

to see truth more clearly and recognize lies

will you find any comfort in political ties?


a plague is upon us, mutant Covid-19

streets almost empty, few people are seen

how can we possibly wash our hands clean?


ashes to ashes, we chant mournful tune

whoever thought they would die so soon?

“barn’s burnt down, now i can see moon.”


in night’s deepest darkness, the Light brightly shines

to show us the path in these difficult times:

“Do not be afraid…because you are Mine!”


will we humble ourselves, even kneel down to pray

asking God to forgive our proud wandering ways?

may He grant us his mercy and restore us today.



Linking to dVerse Poets pub where Mish encourages us to write on this quote:  “Barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon” – Mizuta Masahide. 

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash.








capricious cupid


Remembering crushes of puppy love and youthful dating experiences, I don’t know why I was surprised…every time love started or ended, the rest of the world faded into the background. Romantic tunnel vision of a new love found or an old love lost always claims intense focus.

The angst of the question answered by plucking daisy petals…he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me? Daydreams of mutual admiration, chance meetings, sweet conversations, drinking in their eyes, perhaps a soft kiss. Memorizing the beloved’s face while mesmerized by their smile.

The emotional wreckage of a relational break up and subsequent painful questions of why, why not, why not us? The second guessing and the blame game are all consuming. Disappointment, anger, and loneliness mingle in tears wiped on sleeves, pillows and friend’s shoulder.

Infatuation is fickle but a promise is forever.



Diamond brooch – Ruby Lane


At dVerse poets pub, Merril  challenges us to write prosery of 144 words including the line (bold) from Jane Hirshfield’s poem, “I Want to Be Surprised.”

grandma’s kitchen


so much depends upon

the stainless tea kettle


on bisque enamel stove

next to bunch of yellow

ripened bananas and a

 warm batch

of  ginger crackle cookies.


William Carlos Williams’ poem about the red wheelbarrow inspired this poem…

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