beauty of small

artwork by Ukrainian artist, Vika Muse / ekphrastic poem linked with dVerse Poets

winter’s dormant season dies slow
as warmer blast blows past until
ice melt meets raindrops in rivulets

streams swell around my rock island
where elfin pup and i gladly greet spring
beneath big green dock leaf umbrella

magic blue mushrooms push up
through the wetness while pink fairy
flowers blush from sheer happiness

in world of war, hate, and polarization
imagination provides bright inspiration
to bring fresh hope, to dream of peace


A Somonka consisting of 2 tankas of statement/response on love theme.

fear and dread well up
alone in my darkest hour
enemies approach
i cannot feel your presence
God, have you forsaken me?
no, my child, I’m here
sweating drops of my own blood
i know your deep pain
settle your heart in silence
love holds you in stone garden

art by sonicbornagain

war no more

winds of war blowing

fear mongers grab for power

all men are as grass

someday every knee will bow

before Jesus, King of kings

This past week Russia invaded Ukraine. Posting for CDHK time challenge here

sun-day perspective

As children of light and of the day, we do not belong to darkness.


1 Thessalonians 5:5 paraphrase

quote worth its salt

Quote taken from Matthew 5:13. A quadrille linked to dVerse Poets.


Jesus said to his followers…

       his words should pique our imagination

“You are the salt of the earth.”

       necessary for culture’s preservation

“But if salt loses its savor…”

       to enhance flavor without reservation

Can it be salty again?

       without salt, rot is final destination.


hurricane warning

Extreme winds and seaweed-filled storm surge during Hurricane Dennis.

Extreme winds and seaweed-filled storm surge during Hurricane Dennis. Key West, Florida. (Mike Theiss/National Geographic/Getty Images)

torrential downpour

beats against shuttered windows

winds rip off shingles

ears glued to weather channel

till electricity quits


My response to the Sunday time challenge at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.  Landlocked in Iowa, I’m glad we never experience hurricanes directly…we have tornadoes!

music of the spheres

all creation sings

whales and pulsars in rhythm

praises to our God


Check out Lou Giglio’s recording of stars and whales singing together!

the valentine that wasn’t

dear eddie,

’twas so long ago when

we were “just kids” and

my eyelashes must have

flirted above the chitchat

in the hallway of high school

you phoned to ask me to the

banquet (no dances then)

but said you’d meet me there

(because neither of us drove yet)

my face flushed, heart fluttered

i’d already said “yes” when my

mother, frowning, observed: “if

this is a date, he should pick you

up properly, with parental escort.”

“but we’re just friends,” i insisted

and took my imagination shopping

to purchase a flowery maxi dress

for the freshman/sophomore event

when i arrived, i stood by your side

both feeling awkward until we each

turned to our same-gendered friends

and found separate places at tables

decorated with no risk or obligation

i learned i should listen to my

mother’s advice and i understand

that you are still single, edwin, but

please know that after all these years,

i do accept your unspoken apology.

roy g. biv

image from pixabay

rainbow after flood

light refracted through teardrops

God’s gracious promise


A rainbow haiku for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s time challenge.


smoky swoosh of cloud

on aqua ~ apricot sky

paint heartland sunset

in the kitchen

what smells so delicious?
it must be the stew
on the stove or
perhaps, it is you,
my love!
aromatic kitchen bliss
i’m hungry…for kiss
i know…don’t go!
be ready in a few
what you want to hear,
nibbling on my ear?

Mish invites us to write a “nibble” quadrille at dVerse Poets 🙂

any reason (praise!)

unexpected text
for last minute plans
an early birthday surprise
with (old!) college roommates

meet at local bakery
we choose a cozy table
for friendliest conversation
(loud!) laughter and warm drinks

try yesterday’s special
raspberry chai latte, please
she adds dutch windmill cookie
and i (inheritance!) treat with cash

plans to meet again might involve (high!) tea

Perhaps the shape resembles a cake or 3 scones piled on plate? Inspired by “Poet Laura” (a.k.a. Karen Paul Holmes at TweetSpeak Poetry.

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