his promise

image from vekteezy, meme by lynn

by grace alone

Mayflower II on the Open Seas by Montague Dawson


boatload of faith
puritans flee persecution
embark for freedom to worship

bible believers,
soldiers, profit seekers
travel together in tight quarters

illness on board
violent storms at sea
God’s providence holds fast

birth of child on
vast ocean of hope
blessing for future colony

Another quadrille about the pilgrims; written second but prequels my first…

play for keeps


keep the best memories
let unpleasant ones go

keep faith in truth
turn from all false-ness

keep forward movement
stop procrastination now

keep expressing your heart
ignore rude criticism

keep head held high
don’t lose confidence

keep smiling at life
watch life smile back!




Too late to link but inspired by Kim at dVerse to write quadrille (44 words) on “keep”.

bah humbug!

As I grow older, my faith in humanity slowly shrivels. Man’s heart is selfish, proud, and violent. It’s been that way since the beginning but we all want to believe differently. We so desperately want to think better of ourselves and our loved ones but we too can go “there” (whatever evil direction “there” may be). I’ve been hurt most often and most deeply by the one I thought loved me most (or, at least, that I loved most). And I have hurt those I claim to love. Our love and compassion are so limited but our capacity for anger and hatred so large. Man feeds on violence: Rome had its gladiator entertainment, there has been war and genocide throughout human history, our “civilized” society kills the innocent in the womb and produces individuals that go on shooting rampages. I’m sure a hundred years from now, if mankind survives itself, people will look back and consider us “barbaric”.


blood red tulip buds

bulbs split, leaf swords thrust upward

blossoms burst open



Mish asks us to write about “faith” in broad sense for haibun Monday at dVerse Poets.



falling UP

This simple poem reads like original McGuffey Reader style!


“TRY one small Bite,”

hissed snake to Eve;

By APPetite,

they were DeceiveD.


It was our FALL

when parents fell;

As rebels ALL

were Doomed to heLL.


Adam hid from God

in Guilt and Shame;

His Son walked sod,

JESUS, his Name.


His Mission here:

Be Reconciled,

relieve our FEAR,

make me God’s Child


By FAITH we can

know Love, hold Peace

and from our bond-

AGE find Release !






faith to believe


step forward off edge

risk falling in too deep and

…walking on water

faith’s holy flame


when faith fails,

humanity refuses the Light

rebel hearts and minds

enveloped by darkness

devolve to beasts.


seek stranger sex but

cannot commit to love;

civilization crumbles,

children are crushed.


when wind blows,

flickering flame will

be snuffed out…OR

burst into blazing torch!


Connecting with dVerse Poets for 6th Anniversary and “flicker” quadrille (44 word poem) prompt.



christians in egypt

men, women, children of faith

shot dead on the sand

do not resist their captors

when asked to deny their faith



Coptic Christians martyred on way to worship as reported here in NY Times

garden variety philosophy

Marie hosting haiga prompt on “philosophy” at The Syllabub Sea


IMG_4677 copy

built on a rock


Jesus asks question:

who do you say that i am?

profession of faith


spirit descends from sky

father love declares favor




Way to Santiago – January theme at CDHK 

faith simply believes


shift angle of prism

to see full spectrum of light

adjust focus of camera

to zoom in clear reality

turn dial on radio

to tune in magnificent music


leave childish stubbornness, embrace childlike wonder

leave small expectations, embrace great expectancy


whatever you stand to lose

is already lost to your control

let go of whatever it is

you’re holding with tight grip

open the clenched fist

to receive grace with open hand



photo by lynn

perfect peace


gentle soul possessed of quiet strength

her name, Faith, was her legacy to all

who witnessed her living…and dying.


she was familiar with pain and heartache:

her husband, seriously disabled in an accident,

needed nursing care ’til his death left her a widow.

her precious twin granddaughters lived only briefly,

she herself suffered multiple sclerosis and cancer.


yet she clung to promises in God’s eternal Word,

and at sixty-one years young, she has received the

reward of an undying faith in her faithful Lord.


You took her up into Your presence: her faith is now sight!


“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29b)



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