when words fail


Words can speak life

into a person’s soul

but sometimes words

are only silent syllables,

empty vowels mouthed

between lame consonants

not knowing where to spit.


In raw personal disaster,

how can anyone find words

that won’t do more damage

to an already fragile psyche?

Shame, blame, trite phrases

prove how small irretrievable

words only multiply misery.


Words elude both tongue

and pen when faced with a

child’s death by miscarriage,

accident, suicide;  Language

languishes in presence of

slow painful suffering  by

cancer, AIDS, dementia.


Who has an answer when words fail?



perfect peace


gentle soul possessed of quiet strength

her name, Faith, was her legacy to all

who witnessed her living…and dying.


she was familiar with pain and heartache:

her husband, seriously disabled in an accident,

needed nursing care ’til his death left her a widow.

her precious twin granddaughters lived only briefly,

she herself suffered multiple sclerosis and cancer.


yet she clung to promises in God’s eternal Word,

and at sixty-one years young, she has received the

reward of an undying faith in her faithful Lord.


You took her up into Your presence: her faith is now sight!


“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29b)