joy of light series

A fresh installment for Carpe Diem’s retreat: joy of light




lenten days lengthen

light increases by minutes

joy of spring coming

open tightly closed windows

inviting fresh clean breeze in!



pexel image

lamb will roar


prince of this world

like a lion in lamb’s wool

sneaking, seeking prey

as one who would devour


we like sheep sleep


King of the universe

like a Lamb led to his

shearing, spearing, pray

to One who would ransom


sheep from death’s sleep



lion statue –



beloved master


sweetest blood-red rose

comes weeping over city

bright tears, mourning star

dying bears love’s stigmata

risen in perfect beauty


lenten way









self-denial’s route

picturesque francais pathway

solitude’s silence


el camino de

santiago pilgrim walk

to scallop shell sea


lent bent


Sometimes in church,

i’m filled with this wild

desire to run up front

and embrace the bare

over-sized, free standing

wood cross;  cling to it and

let everyone call me a

tree hugger.