pass the water, please

verde, chile, jalapeno,
habanero, ghost,
cayenne and chipotle
with avocado toast

flavors found at festival
in hatch, new mexico
slow roasted, fresh salsa,
ristras strung to go

smokin’ hot, fire-breathing
it’s not hard to understand
sgt. pepper’s membership
in lonely hearts club band!

Quadrille (44 words) linked to dVerse poets pub and “pepper” prompt

reflection on mother’s day

dear mirror
who shows me
who i am…loved,
worthy to be loved,
learning how to trust
others in wide world;
first centered on you,
it’s expanded through
your wise instruction,
inspiration, induction.
now i in turn nurture
love as reflection
** of you **

A quadrille linked to dVerse poetics with Merril today.

man’s wisdom

De invites us to post a quick quadrille at dVerse poets pub


we dabble in exploration,

attempting to map what we’ve

experienced of the wide world

but, like pre-Columbian charts

before discovery of a new world,

our lines meander meaninglessly

and our foolish cartography needs

drastic revision upon further research

and confirmation of actual reality

strength of a woman

A 44-word “revolutionary” quadrille for dVerse where Kim is hosting

i’m embarrassed by
feminists who whine for
equal “rights” to be like men,
to NOT give birth; who refuse
to protect and nurture the most
vulnerable little women but
demand “choice” to violate
sanctuary of their womb,
dishonoring womanly powers;
today, motherhood is revolutionary!

warm hearts (heh, heh)

honey bunch, have a hunch
want to spoon? lovers swoon
we’re married, it’s okay
if hearts get carried away

your room or mine? give me sign
when sleep separate, together’s a date
snuggling close would be nice
if his feet weren’t cold as ice!


Mish serving up quadrilles (44 words) on ice at dVerse.

dandy king kandy

how many rounds
of CANDYland can
grandma possibly play?
SWEET littles in my life!

let’s begin again
we’re lined up at start
in primary colors

happy for shortcuts;
hopeful to see princess
LOLLY POP up in deck
rather than feeling

glum and PLUMpy


Check out dVerse poets for more confectionary quadrilles…

small blessings

smiles and giggles
playing prisoner
till released

mindful anticipation
learning new game
directed energy

little hands warm mine
exploring outdoors
in wonder

quiet cozy moments
reading favorites
with blanket

words in unison
praying aloud
by memory

for every little blessing
we give thanks,



A quadrille (44 words) including the word “warm”. Written for dVerse where Lisa tends the pub 🙂


did you go rub that
balloon in your hair?
is that why it sticks
on the wall up there?

i don’t need your static
so please don’t touch me
ow! must you pass spark
of personal electricity?!

boys are such joys —
he laughs ecstatically


A quadrille (44 words) for dVerse Poets pub. Mish hosts theme of “static” scene.


my father
has been gone
exactly a year today
and the memories of
his dying taste like chalk
on a parched tongue…
but the memories of his living
smell like mountain trout,
burnt cream puffs, chlorine
of pool where he saved me
from drowning.


A quadrille of forty-four words linked to dVerse poets.


A quadrille of 44 words on theme of “paper” linked to dVerse Poets


it’s world poetry day
but you probably won’t
read it in the newspapers
poems aren’t news any-
more than recipes are
novels but why not?
publish a peace poem
on front page of today’s
issue with bold print, yell
“extra, read all about it!”


under oath, bound
it astounds
why witnesses testify
to different perceptions
of same event
are these misconceptions?

even siblings
possess varying views
more or less of
their mother and dad;
of growing-up,
experiences had

emotions come
and depart
through eyes of the heart!

This week at dVerse Poets, Bjorn invites us to use our eyes to write a quadrille (44-word poem). A post today by Pilgrim on a Long, Long Journey gave me the ideas for my poem. Image from

winds of war

Joseph Farquharson ‘Cauld Blaws the Wind Frae East to West’ (1888)

war is a

desolate, cold mountain;

obstacle to and reason for refugees

where savage wind blows fear,

pelting rain drives misery,

grief burdens the weary,

even as

memories, dreams

ooze away with mud.

Linking this quadrille to dVerse for a “March wind” ekphrastic challenge with Merril…

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