quiet time


morning tea with God

prayerful conversation

listen to the Word

vital act of devotion

Spirit speaks into my life



Linking to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai‘s final post for month of pilgrimage…”an act of devotion”

the treasure

Skeptical about the Bible? Try reading one of the New Testament gospels, the book of John. We all have questions! See post by former agnostic, The Sylvr Pen.


diversified volumes form unique collection
library referenced by love’s common theme

more than mere letters forming words
more than simply words on a page

voluminous, luminous top-selling tome of
truth verified on authority of one true author

a long-ago breathed, still breathing book
a living letter made alive by the lord of life

logos, the Word made flesh, God himself
fleshed out in gracious words of his son

sword of spirit that pierces mind and soul
cuts through deceit, defends against evil one

map to precious treasure of kingdom is not
to be pirated or buried but diligently studied

spill the treasure out to be spent by beggars
memorize the map to find the only way home




free image – pixabay


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morning prayer time

empty mind of distraction

study ancient Word

quiet my soul like weaned child

leaning on my Father’s chest

reformed quote #5

3 Day/3 Quote Challenge:  People celebrate Halloween but many have forgotten that October 31 is Reformation Day for the Church.  So I will post a series of quotes by Protestant Reformers.  What a blessed “captivity”!


matthew henry’s commentary


Jesus is healer

his word is “panpharmacon

– salve for every sore”

whatever the affliction

no matter the addiction


(Matthew 4:23-25)


Qumran – 1947

I have privilege of hosting dVerse poetics today with theme of “The Watchman” Won’t you join us?

go, set a watchman!

sheep herder found
high cave by sound
of stone tossed far,
heard crashing jar
held ancient scroll
preserved the whole
of Isaiah’s book
world scholars look
in prophecy
fulfilled it be
truth revealed
for all who see.

Isaiah penned
God’s script for men:
walk in my ways
be blessed your days.
he is just as he is good,
his timely words
our living food.
Deo volente,
we live, we breathe;
list watchman’s call
don’t turn away
lest judgement fall

oh, rue the day!


image of the

prophet Isaiah

by sculptor,

Salvatore Revelli

monophysitism revisited

Linking my haiga with CDHK where Chèvre discusses the theology of monophysitism…a new word for me 🙂

haiga/photo by lynn__

haiga/photo by lynn__