april fools?


hellish laughter

disciples inconsolable

women go to weep

earth trembles

lightning strikes

angel descends

dead man alive

live guards dead

officially signed

sealed and delivered

heaven has last laugh!




lanes open at 4 a.m.


thunder bowls on roof

lightning scores strike across lawn

rain cheers at windows


find your ball and pay for shoes

no one can sleep in alley!



It’s dry and we’re hoping for rain soon (link to Kristjaan’s prompt  at CDHK).

loud rumble and flash

wind whipping drops of moisture

prairie’s night drama


(lightning – free web image)



approaching thunder

rural towns and farms flooded

pouring rain again


power of lightning

splits mature tree to toothpicks

exploding the air


winds bending treetops

scanning skies for dark funnels

praying there’s no hail


after summer storm passes

a double rainbow appears