A rock solid Q

“Q” for quadrille at dVerse Poets and “Q” for queue as in a line up of rocks.


Rock & Roll

Rosetta Stone

Rock of Gibraltar


Ayers Rock

Easter Island

Rocky I & II

Blarney Stone

Plymouth Rock

The Sphinx

Rock-a-bye Baby

Rolling Stone

Hope Diamond

Rocky & Bullwinkle


“On Christ the solid Rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand.”

hope not seen

Sharing with dVerse…fits earlier prompts for list poem and sensory play.


hope smells

like fresh petrichor

of welcome spring rain


hope tastes

like first juicy tomato

of sun-ripened summer


hope sounds

like migration call

of swan o’er autumn field


hope feels

like flickering flame

of log in winter hearth


For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

(Romans 8:24-25 ESV)



acid stress

acid anxiety

acid stomach


acid thoughts

acid dreams

acid colon


acid tears

acid rain

acid pain


Inflammatory colitis is the result of too much stomach acid, which irritates the colon.

stalked by Claude

Meeting the Bar at dVerse Poets with Bjorn looking at impressionistic art


layers of light

flecks of colour

giant’s velvet

birthday cupcake

or thatched hut

is sunlit stack of

bovine manna

dried muffin-top

will-o-wisps in wind

dense center holds

heat of long day

gleaned stubble field

rests in cool shade

robust wet dabs

of painter’s palette

reflects sweat of

villagers’ harvest



haystack by Monet

the peanuts club

The crawl space of childhood’s basement offered an obvious place for our secret club. We climbed red-bench invitation to reach spool knob and swing open a wide (but very short) plywood door; then clambered up, one-by-one, into our hide-out. Sliding over corrugated cardboard flooring, the first brave soul would pull the string to a single lightbulb. Neighborhood kids formed collaborative huddle amid boxes of empty canning jars and old books. Dark, cobwebbed corners added aura of mystery (not to mention arachnid fear) to our clandestine meetings. With conspiratorial whispers, we’d conduct official club business and ritual passing of candy before breaking out the “Peanuts” board game. Hanging out with Charlie Brown’s gang, we rolled the dice, collected comic character tiles, and took our turns in the “Booby Hatch”.

childhood memories

password protected clubhouse

friendship’s secret code

animal dynamics in 6/8

Linking to dVerse poetics where Victoria hosts a musical theme.  Gotta love the sound of musical terms and be amused by antics of animals at their own unique tempo!


sheep doloroso bleats

chicken vivace peeps

horse grazioso clopsunknown

bullfrog legato hops

kittens vibrato mew

cattle adagio chew

deer acapella leap

ants presto creep

grizzly forte growls

wolf cadenza howls

puppy capriccio frisks

squirrels bourree whisk


Stirling Castle


Stirling Castle – main gate











upon sill’s glaciated crag

stone walls still stand

as ramparts command

crossing of river Forth


cobblestoned court within

ancient cemetery without

flags fly proud heraldry

tasseled tartans wave


hart hides in old forest

hounds give baying chase

magic harp plays minstrel

ballad sung in six cantos


Wallace won bridge

Bruce besieged English

James built royal palace

Mary in chapel crowned


cannons military presence

spark modern imagination

Holy Rude bell tolls history

of the legendary Snowdoun


Read Sir Walter Scott’s poem, “The Lady of the Lake”, with home-educated son.  Linking to dVerse poetics prompt “if walls could talk” with Mish.

consider avian plumage


feathers on exhibit — both functional AND decorative:



photo by lynn

zipper lock system

preen produced oil

soft, downy underside

light, hollow quill

artistic color scheme

gender specific patterns

birder’s beautiful quest

song’s textured flight



time’s random chance

or designer’s signature?


Inspired by Victoria’s “feathered” poetics at dVerse…shared on Open Link Night

Happy Father’s Day!


A faith-full fatherIMG_8893 - Version 2










points to

our Father in heaven.

Dedicated to my Dad who has done all of the above…and more 🙂

soft as butter


favorite sweatshirt

mother’s lullaby

foggy lake morning

silky fringed scarf

grandchild’s giggle

leather-bound book

baby rabbit’s ears

fitted suede gloves

fresh powder snow

furry parka hood

sweethearts’ first kiss

perfect pink pearl

warm sleeping bag

infant’s smooth skin

cashmere sweater

rose petal’s scent

tender-loved woman

spirit’s gentle whisper