he LOVES me!

A list poem created from googling “Love is…” and linked to dVerse, inspired by Bjorn’s recent MTB challenge to write a Google list poem.

love is blind

LOVE is focused

love is a lie

LOVE is truth

love is heartache

LOVE is healing

love is an illusion

LOVE is reality

love is a chance

LOVE is a choice

love is a feeling

LOVE is action

love is a losing game

LOVE is a win-win

love is painful

LOVE is bliss

love is falling

LOVE is rising

love stinks

LOVE is a rose

love is god


reliable routine


i find comfort in the order of my surroundings:

bed made

dishes washed

laundry folded

clutter removed

floor cleaned

(e)mail sorted

calls returned

meal planned

chores done

list checked


i find comfort in the order of my spirit:

read Bible

say prayer

eat well

move body

see beauty

play music

go outdoors

call friend

laugh aloud

write poem


a steadying cycle to be repeated tomorrow.


Linking to dVerse Poets pub where Laura calls our motley crew of writers to order




color our world

Today, my grand daughters colored my sidewalk with chalk and Rebecca said sweetly, ” Grandma, we’re not afraid of the sickness; we just go outside and DO things!”


Celebrate LIFE as spring colors the world with…

soft sunrise pink

happy tulip red

emerald lawn green

robin’s breast orange

easter lily white

lilac scented purple

dandelion yellow

fuzzy catkin grey

open sky blue!



If you’re an old “Chicago” fan, enjoy this recording (1970) which begins with song, “Colour My World” which features a lovely flute solo:

will all find tolerance?


i am a believer

i am an American

i am white-skinned

i am a college graduate

i am married, to one man

i work at home on the farm

i feed beef cattle to feed people

i am a home owner and land owner

i am conservative in my political views


are these statements provocative?
unacceptable, politically incorrect?
should i apologize to the world?
do we really believe in tolerance?
does diversity respect equally?



i want to listen and learn

i may disagree but that

does not mean i hate

yes, i am privileged

to love & be loved

to also bleed red

i thank God for

his blessings

every day;



The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. (Psalm 16:6)

vaccinate me!

(NOT to be read aloud to the grandchildren)


i think…

humans are

badly bent

whether or

not we will

admit to this

strange urge to

throw a knife

jump off cliff

drive into tree

lay on tracks

leave family

torture cats

kick the dog

slash a tire

graffiti walls

start a fire

liar, liar!  pull

down pants, do

lewd dance, act

out proud, curse

out loud;  an


sick as that

needs to be


from its own

dis-ease… i’m

on my knees

God help me,




A confessional sort of poem shared with dVerse poets

winter’s daZZle

Link to dVerse Poets where Gina invites us to consider “the magic of ordinary things”


snow diamonds gliTTer in sunshine

icicle daGGers dangle from rOOf edge

pungent scent distiLLs from pine boughs

haPPy laughter sleDDing down big hiLL

soft faux fur hOOd brushes rosy chEEks

snowflakes sprinkle on kniTTed miTTen

cold hands caRReSS warm bowl of hot chili






feathered peace

Weekly challenge at Ramblings of a Writer using words: paloma & imagination


do you hear birds cooing?

paloma blanca

rock dove


common pigeon



what do you imagine?

ear worm of once-popular song

nest in niche of ancient stone wall

performance of flying back flips

disrespected military statue in park

gentle hearts of monogamous mates




victorian love notes

my dear iris,

you left me with

dewdrop tears3dbc9515476b6a54a35dfdd2c7a1dcf6--vintage-diy-flower-vintage
on my garden anemone

how can i trust your foxglove love?

offer me bluebells and ivy…

perhaps i shall arrange them in a
vase with fragrant yellow roses.

ah, sweet william,

now that i’ve returned

it is best to plant pansies
in the windowboxes

come away with me and
enjoy the lillies of the valley

let us gather nosegays of violets!

In the Victorian era, flowers spoke secret messages. Sarah at dVerse poets explains the meanings of different blooms (as used in my poem). Say it with flowers!

A rock solid Q

“Q” for quadrille at dVerse Poets and “Q” for queue as in a line up of rocks.


Rock & Roll

Rosetta Stone

Rock of Gibraltar


Ayers Rock

Easter Island

Rocky I & II

Blarney Stone

Plymouth Rock

The Sphinx

Rock-a-bye Baby

Rolling Stone

Hope Diamond

Rocky & Bullwinkle


“On Christ the solid Rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand.”

hope not seen

Sharing with dVerse…fits earlier prompts for list poem and sensory play.


hope smells

like fresh petrichor

of welcome spring rain


hope tastes

like first juicy tomato

of sun-ripened summer


hope sounds

like migration call

of swan o’er autumn field


hope feels

like flickering flame

of log in winter hearth


For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.

(Romans 8:24-25 ESV)



acid stress

acid anxiety

acid stomach


acid thoughts

acid dreams

acid colon


acid tears

acid rain

acid pain


Inflammatory colitis is the result of too much stomach acid, which irritates the colon.

stalked by Claude

Meeting the Bar at dVerse Poets with Bjorn looking at impressionistic art


layers of light

flecks of colour

giant’s velvet

birthday cupcake

or thatched hut

is sunlit stack of

bovine manna

dried muffin-top

will-o-wisps in wind

dense center holds

heat of long day

gleaned stubble field

rests in cool shade

robust wet dabs

of painter’s palette

reflects sweat of

villagers’ harvest



haystack by Monet

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