tarashikomi style

Tweetspeak poets at the MET Japanese art exhibit…


gold fold-screen panel

graceful brushstrokes of mottled ink

lone tree jags bare sky

artful monk desires fuyu—

persimmon,  red-orange ripe


*note: persimmon’s Latin name means “food of the gods”



by Sakai Hoitsu, 1816

stalked by Claude

Meeting the Bar at dVerse Poets with Bjorn looking at impressionistic art


layers of light

flecks of colour

giant’s velvet

birthday cupcake

or thatched hut

is sunlit stack of

bovine manna

dried muffin-top

will-o-wisps in wind

dense center holds

heat of long day

gleaned stubble field

rests in cool shade

robust wet dabs

of painter’s palette

reflects sweat of

villagers’ harvest



haystack by Monet



National conference downtown allows brief time for exploring familiar noisy streets. Walking with a friend to art museum through civic park reveals underbelly of city. A few paces on hot concrete in summer sun induces sweat. Try not to notice drug deal under shade of fountain colonnade or homeless lounging against marbled wall near bronzed statue. Pigeons investigate remnants of fast food, old newspapers and cigarette butts. Step across colorful chalk-lettered sidewalk declaring “Black Lives Matter” while handful of protestors camp under tree. Police car cruises by, another has stopped a car of rowdy boys. Keep focused on destination while avoiding curbside drunks.  Hastily cross boulevard ahead of traffic bearing down. The beautiful main entrance of memories is under construction and visitors are directed past dirt piles to alley door. Once inside, relax in climate-controlled air and stroll past paintings and exhibits, admiring the polished side of human culture.

pillowed hotel room

sirens howl in the night

dazed lights of city


Linking with dVerse Poets where Bjorn hosts modified haibun Monday.

poetic cubism (to the 3rd power)


cell cell cellulose

sell sell cellulite


“le don de salon” (grand gift of living room)


wrangle of tangled angles

obliquely leaking geekiness?


“goodness gracious, such spacious diatomaceous!”


highbrow  eyebrow  i spy  eyesore?

“geometric excuse for obtuse abuse.”


pic pik pick picasso!



Inspired by d’Verse Poets (but i was too late to link up to their “cubism” prompt)!


Artwork, Mosaic of Life, by Cheryl Kellar:  http://cherylkellar.com/about















how does an artist look at oneself objectively?  Picasso’s inscrutable,

Van Gogh looks disturbed, Rembrandt is thoughtful, Durer has angel hair.

we can technically enhance “selfies” to make us seem better than we are

but doesn’t alter fact that we’re naturally selfish and overly self-conscious.

do we recognize that we’re meant to be a masterpiece?  yes, created

in 3-dimensional form of body, mind, spirit…breathing, animated flesh

a living sculpture shaped by a loving Master, in his very image…yet,

afraid of his reflection, we paint over our mirror with dull, ugly colors.

i am thankful He found me – reclaimed, reframed to display in his gallery.

beauty himself pays highest bid, saves from auction and re-creates art!



Prompt by Brian at d’Verse, missed “linkie” by 5 minutes!

Check out their poets’ pub (see sidebar).