smoke & mirror


mirror, mirror, on the wall
could make fools of us all

walking past, we catch a glance
practice pomp and circumstance

if glass surface’s too reflective
naked soul knows we’re defective

we see ourselves, then look away
don’t focus on our faults today

mirror fogs with each warm breath
face clear truth before cold death

scripture’s gracious mirror heed
words of life are what we need

be not afraid to look in mirror
for hellish smoke is to be feared


Joining Amaya at dVerse poetics for a “smoke & mirrors” prompt.

honey-dewed sighs


honey, do you love me?

why don’t you say it louder

with your warm, strong hands

holding me closer until i melt

into your steady, beating chest

where i find the safest nest

within your steady heart  best

so hold me closer until i melt

into your strong, warm hands

why not say it louder–

honey, you do love me!



A mirror poem for Frank’s reverse poetry prompt at dVerse Poets

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Sammi Cox at Author Aspiring hosts ten-word challenge on theme of symmetry.



wikipedia image



balanced beauty

of mirror images

determined by


reflections from lumaha’i

Joining dVerse Poets for a mirrored reflection “through the looking glass.”




through hours’ glass

abrasive sands of time

etching faces

scratching hearts

collecting bits of

life memories

crushed on reefs

hurtled on beaches

worn down


movement of tide

high and low surf

swelling tears

foaming doubts

leaving behind

glassy mirror

washed shores

smoothed surf

shine on



photo by lynn

mirror image


view own reflection

from myopic perspective

seek wisdom beyond

look in mirror of God’s word

abundant vision for life

(James 1:22-25)

Join Elsie’s Ramblings  for tanka challenge using words: reflections & vision.


Artwork, Mosaic of Life, by Cheryl Kellar:















how does an artist look at oneself objectively?  Picasso’s inscrutable,

Van Gogh looks disturbed, Rembrandt is thoughtful, Durer has angel hair.

we can technically enhance “selfies” to make us seem better than we are

but doesn’t alter fact that we’re naturally selfish and overly self-conscious.

do we recognize that we’re meant to be a masterpiece?  yes, created

in 3-dimensional form of body, mind, spirit…breathing, animated flesh

a living sculpture shaped by a loving Master, in his very image…yet,

afraid of his reflection, we paint over our mirror with dull, ugly colors.

i am thankful He found me – reclaimed, reframed to display in his gallery.

beauty himself pays highest bid, saves from auction and re-creates art!



Prompt by Brian at d’Verse, missed “linkie” by 5 minutes!

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