mirror image


view own reflection

from myopic perspective

seek wisdom beyond

look in mirror of God’s word

abundant vision for life

(James 1:22-25)

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perhaps we all

just need a

calm clear night

to leave behind the

artificial glow

of city lights,

the neon noise of

this world’s voice

and come away

to a quiet lonely place.

gaze up into

the vast velvet

expanse and consider…

who hangs the glowing

Polaris in space,

who tracks the paw prints

of ancient Ursa Major,

who is it that sharpens

Orion’s shiny sword

and spilled the

nebulous Milky Way,

splattering across the

black-domed ceiling of

this mysterious infinity?

(Job 38:31-33)

Milky Way from Black Rock Desert, NV -  wikipedia

Milky Way from Black Rock Desert, NV – wikipedia