mortal immortality

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.   -Genesis 2:7  (KJV)


the soul

is a spark

is a flicker

is a flame


lit by holy fire

fanned by living breath


exhaled into existence

encoded in DNA

embodied in flesh

enveloped in love


to live

to learn

to laugh

to lament


until death separates.


never extinguished

ever released


to an eternity of life’s choice:

with or without the Keeper of souls.



Inspired, in part, by the scribblings of the beautiful souls who are dVerse Poets.

wysteria myst

From Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, a haiku to “revise”:


in the moonlight,

the color and scent of the wisteria

seems far away

© Yosa Buson (1716-1784)



hear flute weeping

pale purple tears in moonlight

dropping over wall

© lynn__



image – CDHK



Writing prompt at Ramblings of a Writer using words “arrived” & “breeze”.


wet flakes fall steady

spring arrived without a breeze

robin hops in snow



patience unshelled


where is he going?

moments of eternity

follow wet slime trail



photo & prompt – sammi cox

poet’s bio notes

(Link to dVerse Poets)


summer thoughts flutter

capture words like butterflies

netted poetry


My love of poetry began with a book ordered from Weekly Reader in late elementary school, Reflections on a Gift of Watermelon Pickle. I read and re-read this collection of contemporary poems. Besides being a voracious reader, I enjoyed writing. I remember writing my own chapter book about a dachshund named Brandy.

In high school, I delighted in the poetic words of Ogden Nash, e.e. cummings, and Shel Silverstein. I memorized the lyrics of musicians like Neil Diamond, Elton John, and John Denver (living in Colorado). Words fed my dreams.

My paternal grandfather loved poetry. He could recite Longfellow’s “The Village Blacksmith” to us. When he passed, I treasured his timeworn volume of Edgar Allen Poe. Inspired, I purchased the complete works of Emily Dickinson to read.

As a young mother, I submitted a few poems to Welcome Home magazine. Later,  I discovered the blogosphere through devotional writers like Ann Voskamp. Then I followed a friend who endured a difficult foreign adoption process, blogging her feelings and experiences. While reading her blog, I contemplated writing my own.

With a busy farm and family, I wanted to keep my posts brief…a poetry blog! I dug up and tweaked a few old poems and published them as “a poem in my pocket” on WordPress in 2012, the same year I became a grandmother.  For fun, I signed up for an online poetry writing class. I read Billy Collins and Luci Shaw.

My ears like rhyme and rhythm but my ideas usually flow as free verse or haiku. I feel compelled to write my thoughts and challenged to try prompts from various sources, particularly d’Verse Poetics and Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. I hope my blog is a spot of beauty in a sometimes ugly world. Poetry is a creative outlet for me, a personal retreat from the busy mundaneness of life.


“There is nowhere that a person can find a more peaceful and trouble-free retreat than in his own mind…So constantly give yourself this retreat, and renew yourself. ”   — MARCUS AURELIUS

begging bowl


water cleanses dregs

empty own bowl to be filled

who can satisfy?



photo by lynn_










A “begging bowl” is used by Buddhist monks to ask for alms…see Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. Perhaps each of us is a spiritually thirsty/hungry begging bowl?

lamb will roar


prince of this world

like a lion in lamb’s wool

sneaking, seeking prey

as one who would devour


we like sheep sleep


King of the universe

like a Lamb led to his

shearing, spearing, pray

to One who would ransom


sheep from death’s sleep



lion statue –



prima ballerina


audience breathes sigh

ballet dancer’s en pointe strength53920-299x401-Primaballerina

such balance and grace

struggle is real

An etheree poem with 10 lines of increasing syllables.This is also a quadrille of 44 words, including the word “fire”. Read more at d’Verse Poets pub



hard pressed

fire’s hot test

find release valve

to manage pressure

start to count love’s good gifts

name all that makes you grateful

hold joy in life’s little moments

live each day with enthusiasm

clinging to hope, you will not crash and burn


It’s calving time on the farm and our manager/son had an emergency appendectomy so he’s laid up for a month. The rest of us are working hard trying to cover for his absence! 

weathered pastels

Kristjaan at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai inspires “springtime haibun” challenge…

Two years ago we invited our five grandchildren and their parents for Easter dinner after Resurrection Sunday worship. We already enjoyed warmer spring temperatures and tulip bulbs sprouted in the garden. A delicious meal was planned featuring honeyed ham with favorite side dishes. The mothers laid out their children’s best clothes with frills and bowties in anticipation of the next day’s celebration.

During the night, it snowed a wet blanket on the greening lawn and dirt farmyard. Plans for our first annual Easter egg hunt had to modified over the protests of the children, who were soothed by the fruity taste of jellybeans. The rabbit tracks across the waiting garden disappeared with the melting snow. New life persists and now nine grandkids are budding on the branches of our family tree.


photo by lynn


wet snow on easter

spring’s resurrection muddied

hide the eggs indoors









Later the same year, our weathered, fifty-year-old kitchen cupboards were re-done (resurrected) in “espresso” with distressed brass hardware  🙂

singing in rain cinquain

Cinquain is a 5-line poem with a pattern of 2-4-6-8-2 syllables. The Weekend Writing Challenge is to include these words: spring, blossom, bud, nature, bloom.


trees bud

spring rains softly

nature’s fresh bloom of praise

hungry bunny nibbles crocus




a promise is to keep

double bands of shiny gold

worth more than karats

love’s forever promise bold

heartfire’s diamond facets


God witnesses our vow

joyful organ music plays

life as farmer’s wife now

better together…we stay


lost my wedding ring

after laying it down

while wall-papering;

forgotten with frown


replace with simple band

but heart hurt for a time

when mother passed away

her diamond became mine


set her lovely gem in gold

with another band below

blessings of our sons be told;

five small diamonds in a row


jeweled gift as valued token

from one lover to another

living out our pledges spoken

create family, father, mother.




Linking to d’Verse Poetics with Sarah’s “love token” prompt!

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