disturbing appetite

palely colored

bulbous abdomenIMG_1337

of barn arachnid

curls like gray sack

drawstrung by eight

delicately jointed

and banded legs

poised on sticky orb

of doorway deathtrap;

four legs hold fly still

for mandibles to clamp

down as spider

lingers long over

breakfast of blood

I dislike spiders but my muse lingers on arachnid theme so here’s another one for dVerse poets’ Monday quadrille (44 words) with Linda Lee Lyberg.

prayer for now & later


may i grow older (in your) grace-fully

grant that i may, like this summer squash vine,

though fading fast, still bear beautiful golden fruit

prodigious…perhaps involuntary… bright flowers

sprout even as spiky vine and dry leaves wither… yet

share your gifts of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,

goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control

(some fruit may not fully mature but may i die trying)


a little respect?

“creepy crawly” they say
i’ll have my dignity and day
as a real mover on eight legs.

“itsy bitsy” they sing
i won’t flaunt a pretty wing
and don’t dare patronize me.

“brown recluse” they assume
when i run from big bad broom;
look-alike to my poisonous cousin.

“step on it” they cry
would you decide when i die?
let me hide in cozy funnel home.


Sarah at dVerse prompts us to focus on the insect/arachnid world and try to see life from their perspective…

debate or censor?


Not long ago, free speech was truly free
for all Americans who spoke their mind;
when wisely we agreed to disagree,
expressed honest opinion did not bind.
But now the thought police lurk everywhere;
they monitor facebook and twitter too.
Conservative opinions posted there
will bring opponents’ wrath down lewd & rude;
abruptly unemployed, you will be sued!




This a novelinee: 9 lines in iambic pentameter with ababcdcdd rhyme scheme.  For dVerse poets’ MTB challenge hosted by Laura Bloomsbury.


back to school blessing

I pray blessings upon each of you, my dear grandchildren, as you go back to school! A new school year can be exciting and scary, learning can be fun and hard work. Do NOT worry but DO listen to your teachers/parents because they want to help you. Let me know if I can help you or your parents with anything.

Pay attention to your studies with your eyes, ears, and hands (even nose and mouth, if possible). Be brave to try new things and be determined to practice old things. If you work at it, you will get better at any skill. It is good to be smart and know a lot of things. It is even better to be wise and know how to live well.

May you be a good friend, especially to your own sisters and brothers. If you are kind, others will usually be kind back. But sometimes others are unkind; that is when you must learn to forgive, like Jesus forgives us. God is love and He created a big, beautiful world for us to live in so go learn about living in God’s world!

time for new school year
hope teacher’s interesting
ready… study…learn!

acrostic plus

G rumbling won’t improve your mood
R emember to count all blessings good
O pportunities abound to appreciate
W onders around you, small and great
I nterest shown to those you love
N oticed here and up above
G od cares about heart attitude

if you find yourself doing life sol O
to meet new friends presents a goa L
pursue that hobby you never trie D
take the time to enjoy the rid E
you aren’t getting any younge R

Lillian proposes a puzzle poem so here’s an acrostic plus for dVerse poets today…

heartbreak “hero”

Like the tin man
looking for a heart
or the scarecrow
missing his brain,
occupant of oval
office is barely
there (elder abuse)

Can we blame him
for half-hearted
ignorance or naive
desire to be instant
“hero” at high cost
of deadly equipment
and human lives??

Writing quadrilles from the heart with De Jackson at dVerse poets’ pub…I don’t often go political but what U.S. President Joe Biden did/didn’t do by suddenly withdrawing troops from Afghanistan is heart-breaking!

siri-ously be missed

Siri, self-primping
purr machine and
house cat wanna-be,
begs for attention by
front steps when we
come out for chores.

Handsome specimen:
charcoal on milk white, IMG_0805
wily golden eyes and
graying whiskers, he
avoids photographs
by always walking
toward the camera.

He’s outlived several
rivals; probably on his
eighth cat life by now
(we don’t discuss it)
still efficient hunter
and affectionate pet,
follows us like a dog
back to the old barn.

He will jump on any
lap offered and roll
over for a belly rub.
Now defers to young
cats’ swats or hisses;
lately, i’ve heard him
retching more, found
regurgitated mouse
exposed on sidewalk,

just another hairball?

or aged digestion failing,
like an elderly gentleman
who soon stops eating…


wet dew on garden

i harvest summer’s bounty

abundant flavour


photo by lynn__

pandemic pantoum

Everyone has opinions about how to handle the virus & variants.  I don’t want to add to fear but simply raise some questions…and experiment with pantoum form.

health police grab power again
new variant of covid is here
now all of you must listen!
media frenzy feeds the fear

virulent variant of covid is here
we hide faces behind our masks
media frenzy feeds the fear
authority is what they grasp

hiding faces behind our masks
we bare arms for vaccination
will the authority they grasp
control scared population?

twist bare arms for vaccination
each breath given permission
is goal control of population,
keep everyone in submission?

to breathe we ask permission
if only covid would listen!
can’t keep it in submission
as variant grabs power again.


The pantoum is a poetry form from Malaysia and repeats lines like an incantation going forward and back again. It is written as quatrains with ABAB rhyme scheme. The stanza lines follow a pattern: 1-2-3-4, 2-5-4-6, 5-7-6-8, 7-3-8-1. I changed repeated lines a bit.

posting a sign…thanks!


i like lichens


sweet symbiosis

of colorful characters

fungi and algae

rock solid relationship

near bubbling mountain stream



photo by lynn – Big Thompson River, Estes Park CO

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