Air – J.S. Bach

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s December theme: Let the Music Inspire You


first gleam of daylight

glory crescendoes in clouds

sun slowly rises

Raindrop prelude – Chopin

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s December theme: Let the Music Inspire You

raindrops fall gently

converge in heavy downpour

storm cleanses landscape

spread on the land

Linking to CDHK prompt on “decay”…opportunity to use unusual photo too 


grain gleaning beef mooves

waste decays, compost feeds soil

manure on fence post

valuable commodity

recycling, naturally



photo by lynn

advent reading (1)


Light a candle on this 1st Sunday of Advent

We watch with eyes wide open.

What does a shepherd know of Hope?

Sin brings down a curse

Death will threaten its worst

All:   But Christ is our Advent of HOPE!



credit:  worshiphousemedia

Basho’s crow knows


A tan renga is a poem in tanka form written by two poets.  Here is a classic haiku by Matsuo Basho (translated from Japanese) and my response.  A group of crows is not a flock; it’s called a murder.  Linking to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai prompt.


on a bare branch

a crow lands

autumn dusk

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

murder happens upon tree

whose responsibility?



credit:  free stock photos

to Whom do you give thanks?

Thank you cards are never general; they always have an addressee  :)

give thanks, gather hope


First year at Plimoth was

difficult— disease, death

Mayflower left survivors

grateful for Squanto’s help


Pilgrims and Wampanoag

gathered for three day feast

thankful to gracious God for

gifts of harvest and friendship


photo by lynn


Fresh venison, wild turkey,

goose cooked with herbs

shellfish, herring, lobster

colorful corn and squash


Public prayers of blessing

psalms sung, jigs danced

leapfrog, blind man’s bluff

target shooting contests


Lincoln set 4th Thursday

of November as annual

holy-day to give thanks

to God for his providence


Future presidents would

pardon one lucky turkey

as loyal Americans join

to give thanks for football

mid-night noel

Linking to dVerse Poets. Kim hosts and shares this night-time panorama!


Wroclaw, Poland – photo by kim


nights razzle city

lights dazzle pretty

merry Christmastide

fairy carriage ride

trees displayed there

seen in market square

river shines reflection

mirrors celebration

dragon in fountain

shadow of mountain

steeple tickles sky

people trickle by

carolers swell song

cathedral bells gong

haze glows of gaslight

maze lit  til midnight

big blue tanka


breaching to dive deep

catching krill with baleen screen

earth’s largest mammal

rising to breathe, flukes follow

graceful monarch of the sea




photo credit:

for love of mums

Linking to Carpe Diem Tanka Splendor prompt:  Chrysanthemums



summertime wedding

promise of faithful love

lattice arch and fence

baskets of chrysanthemums

gift to bride and groom’s mothers

lonely or only alone?

old house floorboards creak

an hour passes on the clock

switch off lamp’s dim light


awake in half-empty bed

another night he works late

swan song on frozen pond

Carpe Diem‘s Japanese Poetry in the Lowlands features Ria Giskes


trumpet arrival

first blizzard’s winter whiteout

loud rushing of wings

cygnet-ure snow of season

feathers settle after storm


Swans - Swan Pictures and more on swans

photo credit: CDHK

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