melanin myopia

We must remember we are all members of one race…the human race!

riot-ous indig-nation

twenty-twenty’s canceled year
contagious virus threatens death
people hiding at home in fear

victim fights for final breath
under law officer’s cruel knee
“racism!” claimed as shibboleth

martyr suspect held up to be
reason for more murder and mayhem
lady justice still cries to be free

every violence we must condemn
learn to listen before we speak
protect dignity of all shades of men


Frank challenges us to write verse in triplets (tercets) at dVerse today. I used ABA BCB CDC rhyme scheme for my current events poem. Pray for America!

slippery slope of violence

we have lived privileged

denied generational racism:
promoting eugenic abortions
in minority neighborhoods
and government dependency
programs that undermine
fatherhood, family, and
educational choice.

years of anger over injustice,
fear of pandemic isolation are
fuel; police brutality the spark
for radicals like antifa to…

“Cry havoc and let slip the gods of war.”

(quote by Marc Anthony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar)

A quadrille for dVerse poets where Linda challenges us to write on this quote.


Another paint chip poetry challenge from Linda Kruschke at “Another Fearless Year”


jazz player works
as server in clatter
of greek restaurant;
smells of saffron and
grease, noisy demands
feel like a black hole
he got sucked into. it’s

not his dream job but
his lion heart, inspired
by ivory-petaled songs
of spring snowdrops,
composes after hours
a new saxophone solo
to make his spirit rock.


Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 8.55.22 PM

first crunch of season


garden fresh radish

red skin sur-ROUNDs crisp white flesh

top, wash, rub in salt



Ohio State Fair 

primary matrix


Piet Mondrian: Broadway Boogie Woogie


Take me back to Broadway at night! Let’s experience the electric excitement in street lights’ shine, neon signs blinking, billboards’ glare, and stream of traffic headlights or taillights in opposite lanes. Life in Denver drives on pulsating grid.

White delivery trucks, yellow taxis, blue mustangs and red VW bugs follow the streets, avenues, and boulevards of my childhood and adolescence. Dibs on the back seat of school bus! An urgent siren sends all traffic curbside to let a flashing emergency vehicle past.

Be ready with horn or brakes and quick maneuvers. Circle carefully around bustling parking lots. Wait your turn at busy car wash or fast food drive-up window. Go slow through used car lot…lit by aliens? No, it’s a police helicopter checking back alleys.


girl’s eyes reflect lights
cruise city on summer night
buzzy as beehive



Kim hosts haibuns and invites us to “meet Piet” on “Broadway” at dVerse Poets pub.




social distancing

take care not to get too close

might find we need us

why do we make it so hard?

always wanting something more

thank you!

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Thank you, dear readers, and WordPress!

smoke a kyoka


frank(ly) i thank ya

not to mess with my tanka

(syllabic rut stuck)

why can’t japanese mora

fit my english euphora?


Frank J. Tassone challenges us to “meet the bar” of tanka/kyoka writing at dVerse poets pub.I had learned strict syllabic writing of these forms so was surprised by Frank’s notes:

“Now, a brief word on tanka/kyoka and syllabic writing. Beginners are often taught that both tanka and kyoka need to be written in no more than 31 syllables, usually broken up into a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern.  However, an English syllable is a different linguistic unit from a Japanese mora, and the counts refer to mora, not syllable. If an English-language writer of Japanese forms wants to write accurately, the proper syllable count for a haiku/senryu would be 10-12, and a tanka/kyoka 20-24.”

leaving home


life portals bear import
more than ports of call
they demand deportment

choose to step through
this door to the other side
as it shuts quietly behind

there’s no going back now

the goodbyes and hellos of
these unmasked emotions
express momentous change

leave outgrown past for
future’s fresh opportunities
every end is new beginning




I stare at empty nest as our fourth son is now married and moved out…and Anmol (HA) hosts dVerse poetics with interesting with “portals” prompt.  How fitting!


wedding dress


“The clothing you wear in marriage must come from the closet of God’s grace.”

-Pastor John Lee on Colossians 3:12


“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved,

clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility,

gentleness and patience.”




photo by lynn


gone to seed


slender, elegant

aged with grace and dignity

wears white hair like crown




photo by lynn


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