coming out with pride

i may be confused and often uncertain
but i know i’m a BSW binary “she” woman

feel threat of whine lobby with sheer power to steer
education and culture in indoctrination queer

to flaunt “rainbow lifestyle” and banish cake bakers,
to finish off florists and expose photo takers

demand access to children to drag recruits in
destroy any churches who dare mention “sin”

i remember how, with hopes for a child,
man and woman vowed life in promises wild!

when we agreed to disagree, honest speech was still free
at birth accepted biology, sex seemed self-explanatory

people think we’re more intelligent today
let’s “follow the science” they say…yeah, okay

let real girls compete in “girls’ athletics” fairly;
and ovaried females win “Woman of Year” squarely

DSM once viewed gender disphoria as problem
maybe surgical mutilation not best way to solve ‘em

if “woke” business platforms would be truly inclusive
they’d tolerate all values, not be diversely abusive

double-X-chromosomed, i’ve got my pride too
so don’t bully grandmas who talk straight with you!

Pride is the mask of our sins. ~ Palestinian proverb


i’ve been working on this poem for awhile…seemed appropriate for “pride” month!


Summer Day, Brighton Beach by Edward Henry Potthast

seaside holiday

playing cat-and-mouse with surf

transport sand home


A senryu for dVerse poets where Merril hosts ekphrastic poetry.


were you?

you both WERE in love…then

made vows before (witless) witnesses to

foot washing with ice water (frozen heart…hidden feat)

no one spoke against your onion

(later revealing layers of stink)

i was happy for you, me, all of us as our family grew by one – won!

first daughter-in-love, my friend;  later by three (really grand) babies

but marriage (on a lease)


i can’t make sense of… how? why? mutually exclusive/abusive truth?

untreated mental illness maybe, but who of us isn’t crazy?

too much loose talk creates looney ‘toons (LIVE!)

money-hungry maven (& lawyers) leave husband homeless

he’d rather be trucking anyway

any day divorce. will. be.


broken homes – bleeding hearts = shared misery

we all fail each other excruciatingly (like torn parachutes)

relationships nullified or replaced

you rejected him…

and me.


Linking to dVerse where Bjorn challenges us to meet the bar with dissonance…i get the theme if not the form.

daisy, amaze me

weave a daisy chain

no matter how petals fall

i know He loves me

Image and inspiration by Dee Min

II. imbalance of power

“Many stories which are not on paper are written in the bodies and minds of women.“ – Amrita Pritam

in our weakness we find strength

to be a woman is to weep
love hurts because our hearts love deep
and for love’s sake, women lose sleep

to love and nurture is part of our nature

monthly cycle of cramps and blood
hormonal emotions of changing mood
endometriosis, cervical or breast cancer too

even childbearing brings tears of joy and grief

belly stretch marks, skin tags and bags
age and gravity means beauty sags
hot flash sweats feel like dishrag

have women not bourn and mourned enough?

must we also suffer the shame of porn,
abuse, rape, abortion, sexual scorn,
abandoned by lovers in the morn?

godly women clothe themselves in dignity and honor


Linking to dVerse Poets where Punam introduces us to poetry of Amrita Pritam.

I. balance of powers

“I am my beloved’s and he is mine…he browses among the lilies.” – Song of Songs

like graceful gazelle, newlywed
lover grazes among the lilies that
bloom from his beloved’s garden:
raven hair, sun-ripened skin, full lips;
he browses the delicacies of twinned
breasts, curving hips, generous thighs;
she sighs…as her lover’s tender touch
grows evermore insistent and intense…


A quadrille of 44 words on theme of “browse” at dVerse Poets

10th anniversary on WP

I began blogging on WordPress in 2012!

Thank you, WordPressnow may we go back to Classic?!

red, white, and blue tears

america bleeds while dying
when emphasize issues of race
hate’s evil violence makes its case

all patriot hearts are sighing
where has our love of country gone?
can’t we together build safe home?

people with power caught lying
and president without a spine
tempts dictators to cross the line

foolish to send taxes flying
inflate the price of groceries, gas
baby formula may not last

while vulnerable still crying
abortions mean workers are few
and immigrants need gateway through

america bleeds while dying
all patriot hearts are sighing
people with power caught lying
foolish to send taxes flying
while vulnerable still crying


A constanza is two poems in one. The final stanza is the original poem expanded into 5 three-line stanzas in iambic tetrameter (8 syllables, 4 feet).  Rhyme scheme: a/b/b a/c/c, and so on. Thanks to Bjorn at dVerse Poets for an interesting challenge.

I don’t want to get into political arguments but my heart breaks for my country!

compounded fun

so you want to splash in the water?
proof that your heart is still a child
like dear granddaughter’s young age
less concerned if people might watch
man, it feels free to ride high in a swing
set on a flying seat pumping warm air
born(e) for this, another glad-gifted day
time to spend with children at play
ground covered with dandelions’ sun
dance around each blooming flower
bed welcomes you after noon of fun!


A dVerse prompt by Lillian to use compound words in a poem but separate them (eg. split at line breaks). I used 11 compound words 🙂

lust & lies

A quadrille for dVerse Poets on theme of “sleep”….


things got hot in egypt

when potiphar’s wife urged
young servant joseph
“come, sleep with me!”

he refused to dishonor master;
resisted by fleeing without cloak
which became false evidence

potiphar’s wife deceitfully
cried “rape!” which swiftly
landed joseph in slammer

integrity is costly!

painting ofJoseph and Potiphar’s Wife” by Guido Reni, 17th century


American sentence (17 syllables)


Pro-choice demonstrators who scream for abortion rights on mothers’ day.







spring zephyr

south wind
it blows wildly
sound rushes through treetops
directional wave of grass


squeaky windmill
empty swings randomly
hapless birds trying to fly straight


of the battle
we walk along with wind
find fallen branches to pick up


gardening tools
desire to plant flowers
but fear wind will beat petals off
too strong


too strong
mow lawn instead
fragrant clippings breeze by
young squirrels chase each other’s tails
south wind


Cinquain chain (5 stanzas of 5 lines each) in Crapsey form (2-4-6-8-2 syllable lines) connecting with Laura, our host for MTB challenge at dVerse Poets

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