worn favorites

softest foot warmers

white lining breaks through red plaid

thin from high mileage

desert blues

in dry gulch texas

cactus rose cantina closed

thirsty owner left

once upon a time at grandma’s house…

sometimes my grand daughters
dress up as princesses and live
together in make-believe castle
(partitioned basement toy room)

wearing single toy crown, one of
them acts as the queen and she
invariably invites me to come for
a visit with royals at their palace

when addressing the queen, one
must be respectful but i get into
trouble by casually referring to her
little highness as “Queenie Poo”

they predictably haul me off
to the jailer’s dungeon where
they mercifully bring me books
and copious meals of fake food

eventually, i am released but
regretfully have not yet learned
my lesson and the story repeats
to the general delight of all parties


I’ve written a few poems about my grandmothers (“I Remember Them”) and grandchildren but here’s a new story poem for dVerse.

warm hearts (heh, heh)

honey bunch, have a hunch
want to spoon? lovers swoon
we’re married, it’s okay
if hearts get carried away

your room or mine? give me sign
when sleep separate, together’s a date
snuggling close would be nice
if his feet weren’t cold as ice!


Mish serving up quadrilles (44 words) on ice at dVerse.


if u.s.a. is terrible, why do so many people want in?


frightful childhood dreams

creatures of fur, fang, and claw

mount stairs to bedroom


cannot sleep tonight

half-moon’s eye peeks in window

chases dreams away


someday…rest in peace

mother speaks to me in dreams

her voice reassures


In response to Ingrid’s visionary poetic prompt at dVerse poets…for dreamers only!

new eden

“behold, I AM making all things new…

these words are trustworthy and true.”

(Revelation 21:5)

goodbye 2022

snowman leans over

in final hours of old year

as time melts away

question in blizzard

sheltered snug at home

i warm hands by fireplace…

where does squirrel hide?

God incognito

from a strictly human perspective
(which is our only small point of view),
jesus confined in utero would have been
considered an “unplanned” pregnancy;

mary could have been stoned (at worst)
or labeled a divorcee (at best) if joseph
hadn’t been the man who stepped into
his hard role as husband and father of
the young and the restless (present on a

holy night). infant delivered into smelly
cave; later, trio left town as refugees to
escape paranoid despot’s slaughter of
the innocents (are any of us innocent

when it comes to) not recognizing
the full divinity, cosmic authority,
and humblest, self-sacrificial love
of that singular squalling baby boy?

delightful distractions

sleigh me with holly-

festooned bouquet of

ruffled-candy carnations

and blood-red roses to

match metal runners…

though pine boughs dry,

love remains evergreen


tempt me with dainty

toffee treats, dipped in

choice milk or dark, dusted

with crushed almonds to

tantalize taste buds…

crisp buttery crunch of

melt-in-your-mouth savor


Full disclosure: toffee was gift from investment company and floral centerpiece from realtor who sold us our new home 🙂

dandy king kandy

how many rounds
of CANDYland can
grandma possibly play?
SWEET littles in my life!

let’s begin again
we’re lined up at start
in primary colors

happy for shortcuts;
hopeful to see princess
LOLLY POP up in deck
rather than feeling

glum and PLUMpy


Check out dVerse poets for more confectionary quadrilles…

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