forecast blues


stuck weather pattern only brings more rain

while farmers ripe to harvest feel the strain

soybeans swell fat, cornstalks rot wet

without a crop, families grow debt

we hope and pray for sun to shine again!


(oh no, could that be snow?!)




Linking to dVerse  poets’ pub where Frank is toasting iambic pentameter…

soggy bottoms

Elsie at Ramblings of a Writer challenges us to write a poem using “water” and “thirst”. Mine is an “etheree” with ten lines, each of increasing syllables.



when it
rains it pours

weather aberration

water cannot drain away
groundwater rises, creek beds flood

farmers, crops and lawns thirst for sunshine
iowa’s summer uncommonly wet!


hey bun, issa mud mess!


enough rain here five to six inches already and counting with basements filling and ditches flowing as swollen rivers carry away sheep too frightened to move to higher ground and wash out culverts which derailed a train of oil tanker cars spilling into the flooded fields and seeping downstream calling out hazmat teams and trucks hauling rocks while farmers groan at wet hay rotting crops covered with silt and black soil carried away and why must it rain another day?


farmers grow webbed feet

wading through muddy season

who’s building that ark?




road wash-out next to flooded field


Jilly at dVerse poets encourages writers to “break the rules” with this week’s haibun. Our local weather has been unconventional too….and destructive.

(not) just for kicks

A quadrille muddle at dVerse Poets pub this week…


it’s chores time on our family farm
calves gathered in a huddle
to vaccinate from microbe harm
we chase them, catch ‘n cuddle

sometimes the work goes like a charm
sometimes the herd’s befuddled
calves vs. farmers by the barn
in an unlucky, mucky muddle!




“innocence”  –  lynn

*blowin’ in the wind



earth’s richest

black prairie sod

iowa: “beautiful land”

created by God

claimed by man

wrested from dakota hand

busted, homesteaded,

settled, plowed and

tightly fenced now

as livestock farmers

raise calves from cows

how long sustainable?

dust bowl-like shroud

wind so untamable

we’re losing ground!

*Title from a favorite Bob Dylan song…he recently received a Nobel Peace Prize.  (One good thing about a wet fall this year is less dirt in the air.)

farming is NO fairytale

Yep, farming seems to be drought or deluge, feast or famine 🙂  I’m joining dVerse and enthusiasticallydawn this week…


city folk dream of scenes bucolic
but real country life is workaholic;

daily working up a sweat,
yearly diving into debt.

in late spring, rain will not stop
by early fall, drought hurts the crop.

all summer long, hot south wind blows;
dark thunderstorms spawn tornados.

aphids, root worm, corn borer, blight-
present fresh pestilence to fight.

chemicals that kill noxious weeds
may drift on flowers and honeybees.

chickens like to roam range free
till raccoons binge on killing spree.

an older bull, he could go lame;
a younger bull might miss his game.

wonder when grain prices raise?
after contract’s selling days.

though farming’s not an easy life,
i’m glad to be my farmer’s wife.

“country hicks” are labels pearled;
remember, farmers feed the world!


summer’s listening ears

Linking with Carpe Diem Haiku Kai today…

Haiga by lynn

Haiga by lynn

eyes on us


invasion of

humming vibrations

metallic blue iridescence

scouts on stealth-winged flight

the all-seeing Eye

 needs no drones to survey earth

but suppose he did…

would he assign dragonflies

to watch over us farmers?


(Blue dasher on lotus – Wikipedia)

prayer on a plot of land

*Praise for our Farmer-to-Farmer partners in Nicaragua who signed legal titles making them new land owners of their family plots.


Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos

He is the Father of all; both Nicaraguans and Americans.


Santificado sea tu Nombre

We worship him in our own cultures and languages.


Venga tu reino

His kingdom brings physical and spiritual renewal.


Hágase tu voluntad

He works his will in the lives of faith-full farmers.


En la tierra como en el cielo

The land, weather and eternity belong to him.


Danos hoy el pan de este día

We want to be able to feed our families each day.


y perdona nuestras deudas

By his pierced hands all our debts are paid.


como nosotros perdonamos nuestros deudores

We purpose to live at peace with God and each other.


y no nos dejes caer en al tentación

There are no short cuts to integrity.


sino que líbranos del malo.

He alone can free us from our own selfishness.


(photo by Rolando Mejia, Farmer-to-Farmer Facebook site)

Esperanza es Esencial

(a sestina)


The hollow stares of hungry children

along the rural dirt roads of Nicaragua

haunt us; we wonder how they will grow.

Family squatters on plantation farms;

laborers for landowners, not partners.

Who will help people aching for hope?


Corruption feeds the raw hopelessness;

political powers disregard needs of children.

Fathers must go find work, leaving partners.

Hurricanes and earthquakes rock Nicaragua.

Disillusionment fills the stomachs of poor farmers.

Can the rainy season inspire lush dreams to grow?


Restless longings of youth and age are growing

like howler monkeys hanging on vines, hopeful

in spite of elusive prospects that leave farmers

without funds to buy school shoes for their children.

Dignity and determination possessed by Nicaraguans

may yet transform desperation by a strong partnership.


They need land loans and encouraging partners

who will water dormant dreams to boldly grow.

See machete-wielding campesinos of Nicaragua

clear parcels of land and build better houses on hope.

Families together enrich soils of mountains and children,

planting red beans, coffee and fruit trees on their own farms.


Linked together, North American and Nica farmers

join hearts and hands in prayerful partnership;

envisioning a new future for bright-eyed children

and encouraging their greener dreams to grow.

Providing opportunities which renew hopefulness

by reaching out to our neighbors in Nicaragua.


Norteamericanos can learn much from Nicaraguans:

Value simple blessings and family-friendly farming

The practice of contentment fills one with hopefulness

Mutual respect breaks down barriers to partnership

Stepping beyond comfort zones makes faith grow

Real vision for future and education, will feed children.


Building hope-filled partnerships

between Nicaragua and Iowa farmers

offers growth opportunities for all God’s children!