prayer on a plot of land

*Praise for our Farmer-to-Farmer partners in Nicaragua who signed legal titles making them new land owners of their family plots.


Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos

He is the Father of all; both Nicaraguans and Americans.


Santificado sea tu Nombre

We worship him in our own cultures and languages.


Venga tu reino

His kingdom brings physical and spiritual renewal.


Hágase tu voluntad

He works his will in the lives of faith-full farmers.


En la tierra como en el cielo

The land, weather and eternity belong to him.


Danos hoy el pan de este día

We want to be able to feed our families each day.


y perdona nuestras deudas

By his pierced hands all our debts are paid.


como nosotros perdonamos nuestros deudores

We purpose to live at peace with God and each other.


y no nos dejes caer en al tentación

There are no short cuts to integrity.


sino que líbranos del malo.

He alone can free us from our own selfishness.


(photo by Rolando Mejia, Farmer-to-Farmer Facebook site)