invasive species

House pests: when it’s too wet we have earwigs, when it’s too dry we have ants.

hurricane warning

Extreme winds and seaweed-filled storm surge during Hurricane Dennis.

Extreme winds and seaweed-filled storm surge during Hurricane Dennis. Key West, Florida. (Mike Theiss/National Geographic/Getty Images)

torrential downpour

beats against shuttered windows

winds rip off shingles

ears glued to weather channel

till electricity quits


My response to the Sunday time challenge at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.  Landlocked in Iowa, I’m glad we never experience hurricanes directly…we have tornadoes!



it was almost morning,

half moon and venus were

still hanging at the star bar

watching the world turn.

“earth, ain’t she a beauty?!”

half moon commented.

“she really is, considering

her age,” venus had to agree.


“she’s weathered many storms

in her years…whatcha think

about this global warming?”

“i’m not convinced, seems

earth’s weather has always

been a bit unpredictable…


pixabay image

(sigh) i’m not sure people

are as wise and powerful

as they imagine they are.”


half moon chuckles, “well,

looks like sun’s gonna close

this place down…alright

if i walk you home?”




forecast blues


stuck weather pattern only brings more rain

while farmers ripe to harvest feel the strain

soybeans swell fat, cornstalks rot wet

without a crop, families grow debt

we hope and pray for sun to shine again!


(oh no, could that be snow?!)




Linking to dVerse  poets’ pub where Frank is toasting iambic pentameter…

man of the land


salt of the earth

faithful steward of the soil

guardian of God’s garden

patiently waits for harvest

impatiently wrestles with weather

muscular and tanned from

carrying wet calves

throwing dry bales

created from dust with

dirt under his fingernails


…to dust someday must return


A quadrille of 44 words on the theme of  “earth”.

“great expectations”


weather gets bad rap

may day!


photo by lynn

may day
winter has
a hay day
weather is
a melee
tulips in dis-
-may sway
robins go
cra cra
dare to
stay, say
May day
to I-o-way

oh, yay!


Theme at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is “power of words”: let the rain kiss you


“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.”   ~Langston Hughes


pack to go camping

forecast predicts rain showers

great sleeping weather


thankful tanka

sunshine’s steady warmth

melting snow, nourishing soil

vital nitrogen


listen to weather’s whisper

nature’s cycle of blessing


photo by lynn

weather the weather

nonet: stanza(s) of nine lines, each with increasing # of syllables (1-9)    dVerse poetics


days of


probably past

colder times ahead

forecast fog, wet grey rain

free- zing  an- ti- ci- pa- tion

smell of manure spread on bare fields

trees’ silhouettes swallowed by swift night

photo by lynn

photo by lynn

small comforts and a change in weather

My thanks to Mary Stone of Garden Dilemmas, Delights & Discoveries for the woolly bear photo.  Check out her garden blog!


i meet five woollies on the road
as i walk under raincloud’s lode
drink in sad thoughts of faithful dog
her death leaves me in memory’s fog
collar’s empty, no tug on leash
it’s hard to walk alone…cah-peesh?
husband working and dad retired
my neighbor sits in class, inspired
so, fuzzy woolly, soft and brown
shyly inching ‘cross the ground
i’ll stroke you gentle as can be
oh, woolly, would you walk with me?

revenge is heat


In a frozen land

where temps dip

below nothing,

winds whip snow

across roads to

whirl into ditches

in wavy dunes,


it’s a comfort

to know that



the sky is hot

with flaming clouds

and burning colors,

heat waves rise

from soft asphalt

while the natives

and tourists sweat.


(TweetSpeakpoetry prompt, “Hot Sky”)


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