weather gets bad rap

may day!


photo by lynn

may day
winter has
a hay day
weather is
a melee
tulips in dis-
-may sway
robins go
cra cra
dare to
stay, say
May day
to I-o-way

oh, yay!

winged departure

Our youngest son graduates from his homeschool studies in May.


robins weave their nest

blue-egged hatchlings cheep hunger

parents hunt for grubs


vital, patient flight lessons

fledglings leave safety of home


Bye, bye blackbird


Those blackbird gangs in the grove are
raucous; noisier than an Iowa caucus.

They do not sing but loudly gripe;
more dreadful than the sneaky snipe.

They perch on top finger of evergreen, then
sway to break top off, with laughter mean.

Do not let their lovely feathers’ sheen fool;
their blackbird hearts are ugly and cruel.

They chase the sparrows, intimidate robins;
take over a birdbath like neighborhood snobbins.

If you want blackbirds to bake in a pie,
I have recipes you’re welcome to try!