spring sevenling

A window view with dVerse poets….

i rake dead leaves
pick up fallen sticks
fill birdbath to brim

seven sparrows
fritter in chirpy circle
twitter reflectively on rim

lazy gaze out window sees spring days peep in

spring sprung


Sun smiles on five inches of wet snow melting to fill empty birdbath.


(photo: bebedero-pajaros, nicely painted)bebedero-pájaros


Bye, bye blackbird


Those blackbird gangs in the grove are
raucous; noisier than an Iowa caucus.

They do not sing but loudly gripe;
more dreadful than the sneaky snipe.

They perch on top finger of evergreen, then
sway to break top off, with laughter mean.

Do not let their lovely feathers’ sheen fool;
their blackbird hearts are ugly and cruel.

They chase the sparrows, intimidate robins;
take over a birdbath like neighborhood snobbins.

If you want blackbirds to bake in a pie,
I have recipes you’re welcome to try!

as seen from my window











A mythical “bluebird of happiness”

could never out do the cheery flock

of ordinary sparrows

gathering in my farm garden

for a chirpers’ convention.

Attendees all a”twitter” and

splashing sociably in the