there is a God and you are not him

Linking this tanka with Carpe Diem Haiku Kai today…


considering beliefs of

muslim, jew, christian,

on something we can agree:

we believe only one God,

maker of heaven and earth.



balloon is us



a ball

the globe

planet earth

“the balloon we live on”


A quote from my 3 yr. old grandson, Justus ¬†ūüôā

evening glow

Joining dVerse Poetics prompt:¬† moon muse personified…


photo by lynn


One beautiful summer’s eve, Moon hosted a gala dinner¬†party on Earth’s patio but¬†did not invite Sun (understandably, as he always¬†seems¬†to outshine her best efforts and makes¬†a¬†point of¬†it). ¬†The¬†Stars, however, like to imitate Sun’s braggadocio and would¬†have enjoyed bringing his ego down a notch. ¬†Miss Moon animated the night, elegant (as always) in her pale dress with feathery cloud shawl caressing¬†her white shoulders. ¬†The Stars regaled their gracious¬†host with tales of the Hunter and¬†Great Bear. ¬†They all joined in the ancient¬†songs, illuminating the¬†night sky.¬†¬†A misty-eyed Moon finally bid farewell to the fading planets and slipped into bed just before the jilted¬†Sun blazed hot on the horizon.


moon reflects sun’s face

heavenly bodies sing praise

shine created light






looking for eden

caretakers of earth

placed in garden for purpose

listen to the soil

all creatures on green planet

need resources to sustain


photo by lynn


Linking with Carpe Diem¬†Haiku Kai¬†“power of words” theme: ¬†movement

“Haiku is the poetry of nature and nature is always in motion…”¬†~¬†Ch√®vrefeuille, CDHK host




summer daylight fades

earth turns away from sun’s face

weed bows seedful head



goatsbeard photos by lynn


solstice artistry

IMG_1186 2


dona nobis pacem


heaven’s wings brush earth

peace, favor, goodwill to men

sheep dazzled by song



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