farming is NO fairytale

Yep, farming seems to be drought or deluge, feast or famine 🙂  I’m joining dVerse and enthusiasticallydawn this week…


city folk dream of scenes bucolic
but real country life is workaholic;

daily working up a sweat,
yearly diving into debt.

in late spring, rain will not stop
by early fall, drought hurts the crop.

all summer long, hot south wind blows;
dark thunderstorms spawn tornados.

aphids, root worm, corn borer, blight-
present fresh pestilence to fight.

chemicals that kill noxious weeds
may drift on flowers and honeybees.

chickens like to roam range free
till raccoons binge on killing spree.

an older bull, he could go lame;
a younger bull might miss his game.

wonder when grain prices raise?
after contract’s selling days.

though farming’s not an easy life,
i’m glad to be my farmer’s wife.

“country hicks” are labels pearled;
remember, farmers feed the world!