Joining in the fun at dVerse Poets where Lillian invites us to include flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in a poem…that’s NOT about ice cream 😉

Ever cool, Britannia shmoozes,
“hey, Sugar Plum, how about we go out
for some Miz Jelena’s sweet potato pie?”

“That dastardly mash for a late night snack?!”
She pauses, “but I could go for a cuppa coffee.”

“Coffee? Buzz, buzz, buzz”, he teases; (head
will feel like an urban jumble, he thinks). “Well,
change is brewing, take my arm and let’s go.”

Looking at the time, she mutters,
“Can’t believe you talk me into this
half-baked scheme at such an hour.
This is nuts!”

He pats her hand, winks and grins,
“Maybe we’ll order urban bourbon instead.
Goodbye, yellow brick road and hello Miz Jelena’s!”

any reason (praise!)

unexpected text
for last minute plans
an early birthday surprise
with (old!) college roommates

meet at local bakery
we choose a cozy table
for friendliest conversation
(loud!) laughter and warm drinks

try yesterday’s special
raspberry chai latte, please
she adds dutch windmill cookie
and i (inheritance!) treat with cash

plans to meet again might involve (high!) tea

Perhaps the shape resembles a cake or 3 scones piled on plate? Inspired by “Poet Laura” (a.k.a. Karen Paul Holmes at TweetSpeak Poetry.

the nose knows


this poet followed nose to see

all the smells that comfort me:

new mown hay… alfalfa, please

fresh laundry dried on gentle breeze

strong coffee brew drips into pot

wood shavings piled under knot

just bathed baby’s silken skin (the

top of head where hair grows thin)

lilacs, idyllic of childhood play and

an orchid corsage on Mothers Day

pancake breakfast with bacon frying

crunchy leaves when geese go flying

salty spray froth-whipped by boat or

wrapped warm in mother’s worn coat.



Link to dVerse where poets explore comforting smells…




linger long (gets better)

Playing magnetic poetry again, like this one even better (poet kit, no adds)!


Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 8.00.04 AM



caffeine fiend


cafe latte my habitual spree

until colitis decaffeinated me



latte art by jrobblee 



Sammi’s tasty challenge to write couplet on favorite/least favorite food/drink


romancing the cook

The recipe for romance begins in the kitchen, it’s true. Wink while pouring a hot cup of coffee, stir in a little sugar ‘n cream. Share secret stash of smooth dark chocolate and a lingering kiss. Place in love’s grasp a wildflower bouquet, picked fresh in anticipation. Cook breakfast omelet (for supper) together; nibble an earlobe while bacon sizzles. Slip arm around waist as artisan bread toasts to crusty perfection. Turn lights low, sit side by side, hold hands to pray a blessing. Pass the seasonings and sprinkle meal lightly with laughter.

hungry for dessert

oh my sweet potato pie

recipe for love


Joining dVerse poets for haibun Monday with a romantic theme!

hunger pains


i was

i was not

i was not going

i was not going to

i was not going to write

i was not going to write a

i was not going to write a poem

i was not going to write a poem about

i was not going to write a poem about food

BUT i ate caribou coffee ice cream so now i’m awake

i ate caribou coffee ice cream so now i’m awake

i ate caribou coffee ice cream so now i’m

i ate caribou coffee ice cream so now

i ate caribou coffee ice cream so

i ate caribou coffee ice cream

i ate caribou coffee ice

i ate caribou coffee

i ate caribou

i ate


the daily grind


Come in,


aroma greets

new day’s



Early morning

regulars, seated

along counter,

turn stools to

eye new-comer

not wearing farm

cap and overalls.

Take their joe black,

swallow with local

market reports,

stir in complaints

about the weather.



Let’s do lunch—

animated cluster

of girlfriends

chatting over

old times and

new photos

of grandkids.

Laughter ripples

across bowls

of tomato soup,

toasty paninis

on the side.



Brisk afternoon

brings out



who willingly

accept offer

of just baked

chocolate chunk

cookies to go

with a frothy


or chai tea.


Brief lull to

wipe tables

before evening

cafe crowd

trickles in.





steamy lattes

while college


lounge in


chairs, staring

into glow of




Caffeine is

on the menu

until barista

gathers last

empty cup,



register and

front door

jingles softly

as late-night

bean lover exits.



Day 15 of National Poetry Month…half-way mark of

this month’s challenge to write a poem a day!




speed limit 55


Mid-life crisis is when you realize your body is not coming back.


Dementia will be when you realize your brain’s forgotten who you are.


By the time you think you have the answers, no one asks you the questions.


Rocking the boat may change direction of smooth sailing relation-ship.


We disagree to agree… it’s our modus operandi, you see.


“What kind of coffee is this?” he asks—“Jamaican Me Crazy”, she says.


Upon reaching speed limit, do we set cruise control…or step on it?!





American sentences:  Ginsberg’s poetic form of 17 syllables

Can i count each one for NaPoWriMo?  That’s seven!


Esperanza es Esencial

(a sestina)


The hollow stares of hungry children

along the rural dirt roads of Nicaragua

haunt us; we wonder how they will grow.

Family squatters on plantation farms;

laborers for landowners, not partners.

Who will help people aching for hope?


Corruption feeds the raw hopelessness;

political powers disregard needs of children.

Fathers must go find work, leaving partners.

Hurricanes and earthquakes rock Nicaragua.

Disillusionment fills the stomachs of poor farmers.

Can the rainy season inspire lush dreams to grow?


Restless longings of youth and age are growing

like howler monkeys hanging on vines, hopeful

in spite of elusive prospects that leave farmers

without funds to buy school shoes for their children.

Dignity and determination possessed by Nicaraguans

may yet transform desperation by a strong partnership.


They need land loans and encouraging partners

who will water dormant dreams to boldly grow.

See machete-wielding campesinos of Nicaragua

clear parcels of land and build better houses on hope.

Families together enrich soils of mountains and children,

planting red beans, coffee and fruit trees on their own farms.


Linked together, North American and Nica farmers

join hearts and hands in prayerful partnership;

envisioning a new future for bright-eyed children

and encouraging their greener dreams to grow.

Providing opportunities which renew hopefulness

by reaching out to our neighbors in Nicaragua.


Norteamericanos can learn much from Nicaraguans:

Value simple blessings and family-friendly farming

The practice of contentment fills one with hopefulness

Mutual respect breaks down barriers to partnership

Stepping beyond comfort zones makes faith grow

Real vision for future and education, will feed children.


Building hope-filled partnerships

between Nicaragua and Iowa farmers

offers growth opportunities for all God’s children!

for bitter or worse

A_small_cup_of_coffeeHe and she

received a shiny black coffee maker

as a formal wedding gift


she, for he,

brewed a steamy pot every morning

as a dutiful wife


he, for she,

drank his morning cuppa joe

as a faithful husband


she, then he,

admitted (after the first anniversary)

that neither really cared for black coffee


he and she

hid the coffee maker in a back cupboard

and poured orange juice for breakfast.