nuclear fallout


it’s good to create

energy in a marriage

a bit of spark adds

excitement to any

couple’s relationship

but negative energy

will backfire on itself;

wound like   [bam]

agitated boomerang

or spring   [zing]

like wristwatch too

tightly wound, no



in time




Lillian challenges us to write a quadrille (44 words) using both pronunciations/meanings of “wound”.  Join us at dVerse poets pub  🙂

dynamics of yin & yang

Meoto Iwa, or the “Loved one and loved one” Rocks, are a couple of small rocky stacks in the sea off Futami, Mie, Japan. They are joined by a shimenawa (a heavy rope of rice straw) and celebrate the union in marriage of man and woman. At low tide, the rocks are not separated by water.

Chèvrefeuille, at CDHK, offers two haiku for weekend “fusion & troiku” challenge:


between the wedded rocks

the sun rises to her highest throne

summer solstice

mountain stream

the ice has melted – dances in the sun

crystal waterdrops                                                                                   © Chèvrefeuille


My “fusion” of Chèvre’s haiku into one which lays foundation for troiku series:


rock solid marriage

mountain streams refresh the sea

sun rises, moon sets

© lynn__


rock solid marriage

united by rope of straw

weighty promises


mountain streams refresh

sea waves break upon the rocks

crystal droplets shine


sunset and moonrise

benediction over earth

until end of time


i still do…do you?


Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 9.49.51 PM


You can play magnetic poetry online here


valentine mine

Artist: Sherry Evaschuk     Artwork Title: Hearts afire

two he(art)s ignite fire

heat waves of desire

old dreams be yearnin’

new memories burnin’

but just lust is lyre (liar)

trust stirs flames higher

real love colors bright

true blue lovers right

veins bleedin’ energy

he(art)s needin’ synergy

married love k(not) hot!

friendship first


friends love each other

not all loves are marriage but

spouses should be friends



meme – CDHK


reformed quote #7

3 Day/3 Quote Challenge:  People celebrate Halloween but many have forgotten that October 31 is Reformation Day for the Church.  So I will post a series of quotes by Protestant Reformers.  Yes, a good marriage is “friendly”!


photo by lynn

a sacred covenant

It is said that good communication is necessary to build any successful relationship.  Communication and commitment certainly form the vital framework for a healthy marriage.  But effective communication goes beyond speaking and listening.  It is possible to say too much; to spew destructive words that tear a home down.  It may be possible to hear too much; to assume the worst intentions of one’s partner. Is this not why the “two will become one flesh”?  Sex is the super-glue that bonds partners, holds a marriage together.  This sacred act is designed to reconcile and unite spouses in expressing tender love, forgiveness, acceptance when words fail.  If fruitful, a couple may also be rewarded by the pleasure of children!


speak intimately

don’t let words get in the way

love’s body language



enduring enigma

two beings, alike yet
opposite, attracted
like magnets (even
at times, repulsed)
will dare commit to
co-join in covenant
for a lifetime…how?

puzzling pieces fit,
monogamy wasn’t
meant as monotony.
God’s created design
established in Eden
cannot be denied,
ignored or forgotten.

patterned after Him,
the self-sacrifice is
worth it, revealing
true love is faithful,
life can be renewed,
and His eternal love-
stronger than death.

I  wrote this poem (unknowingly) the same afternoon my son asked his sweetheart to marry him, so I joyfully dedicate it to Lorn & Jessica!


for bitter or worse

A_small_cup_of_coffeeHe and she

received a shiny black coffee maker

as a formal wedding gift


she, for he,

brewed a steamy pot every morning

as a dutiful wife


he, for she,

drank his morning cuppa joe

as a faithful husband


she, then he,

admitted (after the first anniversary)

that neither really cared for black coffee


he and she

hid the coffee maker in a back cupboard

and poured orange juice for breakfast.