This senryu written in “free” form and linked to CDHK  “no rules” prompt…ironic, because kids need some rules to flourish.


years dedicated to

the nurture of children

full life enriched

lessons from nature

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yak yakkity yak

bovines quietly social

humans talk too much



source: Pixabay

walking partners

turn off devices

put on comfortable shoes

meet ourselves outdoors

inspire real love of nature

learn the real nature of love


Joining weekly tanka challenge at Ramblings of a Writer

small pleasures


raku-yaki bowl

potter sipping poetry

enjoys tea in hands

friendship first


friends love each other

not all loves are marriage but

spouses should be friends



meme – CDHK


inexorable time

In response to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai “Road to Santiago” word:  time


where will journey lead?

wisdom contemplates life’s end

we return to dust


photo by lynn – Floyd Cemetery, Sioux City

delirium in dirt

Not sure if this would be considered haiku (nature)or senryu (human nature).


moonlight stirs crazy

work late against chance of rain

farmer digs darkness



photo by lynn

locked behind gates


improbable love

like phantom of opera

barred reality




Traitor’s Gate, Tower of London (wikipedia/fluous)

fudge curmudgeon


resisting the temp

-tation to overindulge,

i threw out the fudge!


(a simple senryu of new year’s resolve)

american paradox/stuffed

it’s thanksgiving day

give thanks for all our blessings

…tomorrow we shop



used with permission