all is sacred

broken cliches

A nonet (1st line of 9 syllables, then 8…) written while waiting for dear patient.


to listen, absorb doctor’s orders

recovery will try patience

hard to keep a good man down

week of farmer’s birthday

why should cow kick him?

broken left arm








broken windows theory

Inspired by Jennifer Duke Lee’s post today…


city cops on their beat

to new recruits repeat


true theory well-spoken:

one window that’s broken


will lead to another;

destruction runs further


it’s the way this world works

’cause we’re under sin’s curse


if we don’t give a care

thugs and vandals will dare


to destroy property

and attempt robbery


let’s be window menders

good neighborhood tenders


make world a better place

show your brave friendly face

real thanks-living



“give thanks in all things”

thankful in the broken?

yes, even though…


minds may be murky

hearts can feel hurt-full

bodies sometimes besieged


our bleeding relationships

offered as sacrifice on altar

are sweet-smelling fragrance


only in our broken-ness

can we ever become

wise,  humble, healed.


there’s an aching beauty

in a cracked heirloom plate

or a rusty antique tractor


beauty begging to be

restored, renewed

to re-live again


living forever grateful!



(I Thessalonians 5:16-18)