american pie-in-the-sky

public notice on
this fun-sunny
april afternoon:
sing your song,
bang the drum,
knock me out with
chemical life-in-a-bottle
but please don’t touch
me while i am sleeping
on a freshly-painted park
bench because i don’t
wish to be a-woke-end
to petrichor reality
in the middle of my
fruit-loop daydream.

-signed: uncle sammy


Get on the bandwagon, make some music with dVerse poets (and include titles of Linda Perry songs).



don’t call again-


i’d wear a grin

(is it a sin?)

if someone poked

Trump with a pin


we would elate

while he’d de-flate;

we need a better

candid-ate !


a caricature

at best;  i’m sure

supporters he’ll

impress, allure;

bamboozled by his

bold coiffure.


Rhyming quadrille in honor of (and with apologies to) Dr. Seuss, who would have celebrated his 112th birthday on March 2nd.  My response to d’Verse poetics (and current politics).