acrostic in chalk


A mericans have voted

F or the next president

T ogether on day after

E lection we must be


photo by lynn

R esolved to work for


E veryone’s interests

L oving our neighbors

E ven as ourselves

C oming together in

T hankfulness for this

I ndivisible nation united

O n liberty and justice

N ot just for us but for all




Link to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads today.  

Infographic on acrostic poem at TweetSpeak Poetry.



don’t call again-


i’d wear a grin

(is it a sin?)

if someone poked

Trump with a pin


we would elate

while he’d de-flate;

we need a better

candid-ate !


a caricature

at best;  i’m sure

supporters he’ll

impress, allure;

bamboozled by his

bold coiffure.


Rhyming quadrille in honor of (and with apologies to) Dr. Seuss, who would have celebrated his 112th birthday on March 2nd.  My response to d’Verse poetics (and current politics).