the nose knows


this poet followed nose to see

all the smells that comfort me:

new mown hay… alfalfa, please

fresh laundry dried on gentle breeze

strong coffee brew drips into pot

wood shavings piled under knot

just bathed baby’s silken skin (the

top of head where hair grows thin)

lilacs, idyllic of childhood play and

an orchid corsage on Mothers Day

pancake breakfast with bacon frying

crunchy leaves when geese go flying

salty spray froth-whipped by boat or

wrapped warm in mother’s worn coat.



Link to dVerse where poets explore comforting smells…




soap opera


I love it when hubby does laundry…as long as he doesn’t do mine  😉


blue haiku


laundry piling up

got those dirty denim blues

please fix my machine





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Carpe Diem – “Blues”