any reason (praise!)

unexpected text
for last minute plans
an early birthday surprise
with (old!) college roommates

meet at local bakery
we choose a cozy table
for friendliest conversation
(loud!) laughter and warm drinks

try yesterday’s special
raspberry chai latte, please
she adds dutch windmill cookie
and i (inheritance!) treat with cash

plans to meet again might involve (high!) tea

Perhaps the shape resembles a cake or 3 scones piled on plate? Inspired by “Poet Laura” (a.k.a. Karen Paul Holmes at TweetSpeak Poetry.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SelmaMartin
    Feb 07, 2022 @ 18:22:52

    Loved your three layered cake. Had to enjoy it outside the reader.
    And what a fun poem it is. Love it all. It’s fun to keep such old friends close. They know you from back then. Friendships are to be cherish.
    Thanks for sharing. 😜


  2. artsandletters9
    Feb 05, 2022 @ 11:02:09

    Loved the story. My college buddies are so far away, we keep up with emails and Facebook messages. Most of them them prefer the humid SE to the dry SW where we have been since we were “kids.”


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