it’s easy to imagine a snug log cabin in the woods
when you’re sipping tea on a quiet snowy day

it’s easy to imagine a cruise to an exotic island
when you’re trying on a pair of glam sunglasses

it’s easy to imagine hiking up a clear mountain trail
when you’re climbing the stairs with more laundry

it’s easy to imagine lying on a private sandy beach
when you’re painting the house in hot sunshine

it’s easy to imagine speaking wisdom into the world
when you’re silent because no one is listening

summer solstice

Rhyming couplets with Frank at dVerse


notice yesterday’s date marked june twenty-one

means every day now we’ll see less of the sun


calendar says it was first day of summer

heat and humidity might be a bummer


we’ve had plenty of rain, thick clouds hide the sun

a hot sunny day watching ball sounds like fun!



caffeine fiend


cafe latte my habitual spree

until colitis decaffeinated me



latte art by jrobblee 



Sammi’s tasty challenge to write couplet on favorite/least favorite food/drink