it’s easy to imagine a snug log cabin in the woods
when you’re sipping tea on a quiet snowy day

it’s easy to imagine a cruise to a tropical island
when you’re trying on a pair of glamorous sunglasses

it’s easy to imagine hiking up a clear mountain trail
when you’re climbing stairs with another load of laundry

it’s easy to imagine lying on a private sandy beach
when you’re painting the house in hot summer sun

it’s easy to imagine speaking wisdom into the world
when you’re silent because you think no one is listening

dear desire


build me a mountain

cabin by the sea where i

will write poetry


play me softly slow

making music like cello

strum hum legato


let children live loved

proclaim peace throughout the land

kingdom of heaven


vitiligo orribile

deep in dark woods stood

bow hunter’s cabin where he’d

left his  daughter that night

reclined near stone hearth

in dying warmth of fire’s embers

lone persona lost to her reading

a yellowed manuscript, an

epochal allegory held in hand,

empty pewter plate on table

she never noticed pair of

luminous eyes in window or

pernicious shadow pushing

open the cabin door…


Anthony’s challenge to create poem from random gnarly words…used 10 of 12 words