birth of a poem

Linking to dVerse poets pub for Amaya’s challenge to “labor”…


as the product of

conception, a poem

begins with flicker

of flirty idea

which sparks a

burning desire that,

with heart unprotected,

climaxes in passion for

words, that are strung

together like double

helix into phrases

which multiply and


connected by

rhythm and rhyme;

hid in warm darkness

until fully developed

and ready to be

edited, contracted,

squeezed through

narrow passage

’til finally, its

author, depleted

and relieved,

delivers another

helpless poem

into wide world

and, whether

birthed online

or hard copy,


or wailing,

it comes

hoping to be

caught gently

by readers.

be (one & only) mine


love’s fire fiercely burns

devotion ignites desire

vows consummated




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(Poem inspired by article at The High Calling & poetics “gift” prompt at dVerse.)


work is life gift

created to create

something productive

with whatever we have

stretch and hone abilities

promote one’s self-respect

provide for own desires

satisfy another’s need

give something back

to world we live in

joyfully serve six

actively rest one

weekly rhythm

work is life

…a gift!


European tour: Greece

Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai hosts virtual tour of Europe this month.


island of desire

cliff crashes to rocks below

Aegean ruins



(photo credit: CDHK)

lead us not into temptation


Weak from long fasting,

Lord encounters Lucifer

in desert place; nothing

to eat here but rocks so

why not turnover a stone?


we live by vital words

from God’s own mouth;

deep, soul nourishment.

not using power selfishly

to satisfy one’s own desires.




Life in the balance on top

spire of temple; high above

pavement, a suicidal dance

with the devil, who misquotes

scripture like loaded weapon.


don’t listen to lies saying

jump, tempting God himself;

death is not the solution and

fools twist truth on daily basis

but the wise wait in quiet trust.




A mountaintop experience

with panoramic worldview.

prince of this world boasts

big promises: you can have

it all, if you will just bow to me.


you schemer, get out of here!

shortcuts can ruin better plan.

father provides all that’s needed

and i must follow the harder

path of obedience to his will.

dear desire


build me a mountain

cabin by the sea where i

will write poetry


play me softly slow

making music like cello

strum hum legato


let children live loved

proclaim peace throughout the land

kingdom of heaven