lead us not into temptation


Weak from long fasting,

Lord encounters Lucifer

in desert place; nothing

to eat here but rocks so

why not turnover a stone?


we live by vital words

from God’s own mouth;

deep, soul nourishment.

not using power selfishly

to satisfy one’s own desires.




Life in the balance on top

spire of temple; high above

pavement, a suicidal dance

with the devil, who misquotes

scripture like loaded weapon.


don’t listen to lies saying

jump, tempting God himself;

death is not the solution and

fools twist truth on daily basis

but the wise wait in quiet trust.




A mountaintop experience

with panoramic worldview.

prince of this world boasts

big promises: you can have

it all, if you will just bow to me.


you schemer, get out of here!

shortcuts can ruin better plan.

father provides all that’s needed

and i must follow the harder

path of obedience to his will.

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