mi quintilla


dia de los muertos

fiesta de los cuerpos

la dulce vida

vaya rapida

!alabanza!  porque días son cortos


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udderly bountiful limerick

Linking to Tweetspeak Poetry…scroll to see video showing how butter is made!


Introducing a bovine named Daisy

she’s a generous cow, never lazydownload

her milk is a dream

of rich butter cream

she gives away gallons like crazy!


If you remember the Borden cow (“Elsie”, not Daisy), you’ll enjoy this online article.




There once was a bison named Buck

who jumped in the back of a truck;

he enjoyed scenic ride

until engine died

now bison and driver are stuck.



Tweetspeak Poetry prompt to write a buffalo limerick…

met desert tortoise out of element


On the beach, crawled pet tortoise named Tank

when a wave rolled, his wrinkled neck shrank

hard shell shaped like a boat

four legs paddled to float

that resourceful young tortoise ne’er sank!


american west limerick


Out west lived horse thief, Billy Rio

who holed-up at Ranch Armadillo

till the cavalry came

shot a slug with his name

now Bill’s buried below lone saguaro



Old Tucson Studios, AZ               photo by lynn

all’s fair in Wonderland

Inspired by prompt at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.

i once read a poet named Carroll
who rolled readers’ minds in a barrel

we spun in a tea cup

until Alice fessed up

and Mad Hatter declared white hare sterile!


ID 30416302 © Joshua Daniels | Dreamstime.com

happy poem in pocket day

A little limerick in honor of Poem in My Pocket Day…when I titled my blog, almost three years ago, I did not know it was a “national” holiday!

I carry a poem in my pocket

Obsession eccentric – don’t knock it!

May I read it aloud?

Make dead poets proud

If you enjoy versing, let’s rock it!

garden photo by lynn__

photo by lynn__