revenge of the dolls

A sinister sonnet…not my usual genre but we all have a dark side.



last night i lay upon inn’s guest room bed

where host’s mute daughter slept long years ago

alas, young girl was found mysteriously dead

in bloodied sheets which stains too well i’d know


her childhood room preserved in musty pink

suspicious dolls stare down from shelf by crib

false alibis reveal dark murderous link

they point toy dagger tip against my rib


“what evil lurks?” i scream in pulsing fear

but mannequins no mercy feel for flesh

not even ragged ann would shed a tear

berserk and vicious furies of knife flash


in morning, landlord spies fresh doll on shelf

that plastic face, i’d recognize…  myself!






evening news commentary



For thoughtful minds, a mystery
to watch modern iconoclasts
destroy statues of fathers’ cast;
we cannot erase history
so why hate sculpture bitterly?
Denial will repeat the past:
agenda hides behind a mask,
mobs pave a road to anarchy.

Remember that all men bleed red,
to judge by skin is fool’s extreme.
Lament the blood spilled on our sod,
mourn hostile words in anger said,
let truth and justice reign supreme
and leave all vengeance unto God!


See Daily Wire’s brief comments and video by former NBA star, Charles Barkley

home’sc(h)ool sonnet

Swift summer spent, we know it’s back to school

when FedEx truck delivers loads of books.

To study here at home we think it’s cool

yet clueless people give us funny looks

because we never worry what we wear;

Change out of your pajamas, I must ask

then after chores, at least please comb your hair;

put on proud smile, you’re always top of class!

Peer pressure is a concept we don’t know

though sibling rivalry we understand.

Real life relationships can bloom and grow

when we learn side by side, walk hand in hand.


If there’s one thing home school deprived of us

we’d like, just once, to ride in yellow bus!


Linking to dVerse poetics where Gabriella’s prompt is “back to school”