evening news commentary



For thoughtful minds, a mystery
to watch modern iconoclasts
destroy statues of fathers’ cast;
we cannot erase history
so why hate sculpture bitterly?
Denial will repeat the past:
agenda hides behind a mask,
mobs pave a road to anarchy.

Remember that all men bleed red,
to judge by skin is fool’s extreme.
Lament the blood spilled on our sod,
mourn hostile words in anger said,
let truth and justice reign supreme
and leave all vengeance unto God!


See Daily Wire’s brief comments and video by former NBA star, Charles Barkley

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  1. Charley
    Aug 25, 2017 @ 20:14:07

    Lynn, I was teaching an 8th grade class. We were going through the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. A young man of color came up to me one day, very respectfully… which was not his usual way of dealing with me. He said he didn’t like the one character saying the N-word. I told him that I agreed with him, but that I would be more put out by a horrible racist character being depicted using PC language (in essence). He ended up agreeing. It helped him to see clearly that this was a bad guy.


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