honey-dewed sighs


honey, do you love me?

why don’t you say it louder

with your warm, strong hands

holding me closer until i melt

into your steady, beating chest

where i find the safest nest

within your steady heart  best

so hold me closer until i melt

into your strong, warm hands

why not say it louder–

honey, you do love me!



A mirror poem for Frank’s reverse poetry prompt at dVerse Poets

nectar to honey


buzzing underfoot

bee’s legs heavy with pollen

white clover’s sweetness



image: pic jumbo

sleeping with spring


Anyone can write a poem with magnetic poetry online…try it!


live smoothly

I want to title this, “pink lemonade” but used word tiles given…

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 4.13.48 PM


A poem created with magnetic poem kit  🙂



show lover’s color

exude delicate fragrance

bee will make honey



my valentine


He said, “I do”

so he did, does,

and will too!


with heart and hands

he works the land,

tends to livestock,

builds a farm,

loves his wife and

babes in arms.


thank you, honey,

for the sweetness

you’ve stirred into

my life’s cup!