sin city graffiti ditty



downtown stubble rubs gritty

tenement windows broken

night escort working pretty

pimp keeps tight grip on token


street addicts living nitty

homeless die for opiates

poor men don’t want no pity

just need to beat jobless rates


how survive stinking city

urban education rules

alley thugs share thieves’ kitty

gangstas teach in dropout schools


In need of some urban renewal? Find more city poems with Jilly at dVerse Poets.

sunset bridge


city silhouette

citrus sky ripens slowly

shadow swallows sun




photo by lynn

urban nights



mid-night noel

Linking to dVerse Poets. Kim hosts and shares this night-time panorama!


Wroclaw, Poland – photo by kim


nights razzle city

lights dazzle pretty

merry Christmastide

fairy carriage ride

trees displayed there

seen in market square

river shines reflection

mirrors celebration

dragon in fountain

shadow of mountain

steeple tickles sky

people trickle by

carolers swell song

cathedral bells gong

haze glows of gaslight

maze lit  til midnight



National conference downtown allows brief time for exploring familiar noisy streets. Walking with a friend to art museum through civic park reveals underbelly of city. A few paces on hot concrete in summer sun induces sweat. Try not to notice drug deal under shade of fountain colonnade or homeless lounging against marbled wall near bronzed statue. Pigeons investigate remnants of fast food, old newspapers and cigarette butts. Step across colorful chalk-lettered sidewalk declaring “Black Lives Matter” while handful of protestors camp under tree. Police car cruises by, another has stopped a car of rowdy boys. Keep focused on destination while avoiding curbside drunks.  Hastily cross boulevard ahead of traffic bearing down. The beautiful main entrance of memories is under construction and visitors are directed past dirt piles to alley door. Once inside, relax in climate-controlled air and stroll past paintings and exhibits, admiring the polished side of human culture.

pillowed hotel room

sirens howl in the night

dazed lights of city


Linking with dVerse Poets where Bjorn hosts modified haibun Monday.

white blossoms

verdant succulent

thrives beside the salty sea

raises pom-pom cheers


blooming median

beauty wilts between traffic

perfumes city street


(photos by lynn__ linking with Chèvre at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai)

veni, vidi, vici ?

“I now claim this city as mine,” triumphs Snow,
chilling stones of old buildings and streets.
“All seasons belong to me,” caws the Crow.

“I’ve staked claim to this city as mine,” warns Snow.
“My brothers and I’ll push you out!” threatens Crow,
from dead tree where plotting crows’ murder meets.

“I will leave this city behind,” murmurs Snow,
dying pack on stone buildings and streets.



A fable fit loosely in triolet form...
and loosely fits Anna's "diction" 
prompt at d'Verse poetics.  
I like the "sound" of 
Caesar's Latin for the title and 
 find"murder" of crows intriguing.  
Also incorporated "brothers" 
idea from earlier prompt.


photos by lynn, Jerusalem 2015

sidewalks of childhood


When i was a child i

lived on city sidewalks;

not literally, of course.

we had a pleasant home

with generous backyard;

but i learned to bike,

play jacks, hopscotch,

and roller-skate

with neighbor kids

on paved pathways.


Sidewalks’ cracked

upheaval just adds

to the adventure…you

must avoid the bumps!

Life lesson learned:

concrete is painfully

unforgiving to bare

knees and elbows

when crash landing

brother’s bike off ramp.


The sidewalk was

a way of opportunity:

waiting at school bus stop,

biking to friend’s house,

riding to corner drugstore

to spend quarter on candy;

walking dog to nearby park,

running for grocery item

or reporting to babysitter

duties around our block.


Sometimes the

city sidewalk scene

turned threatening:

dark shaded, vacant

vine covered manse;

suspicious stranger

beckoning from car

parked in narrow alley,

or snarling doberman

chasing flying pedals.


Our fenced lawn

was a refuge;  our

apple tree, an oasis

in a maze of sidewalks,

brick walls, city streets.

i’m happy for my childhood;

and grateful my own children

live on land rurally graced

with open skies and space

for green, growing things.