trolling for squeals


“Grandma, you be the troll!”

Playing with
by swingset; two are
swinging, one is climbing
up ladder to slide.

I take my place
under slide platform
and patiently wait
for little “billy goat”
to walk above me;

“Who’s that tripping over my bridge?”


Linking to dVerse poets where Frank hosts a quadrille prompt on word “troll”.


sunset bridge


city silhouette

citrus sky ripens slowly

shadow swallows sun




photo by lynn

crossing the quadrille

a bridge is a bridge is…

an act of faith

an art of engineering

an avenue of commerce

an advance of connection

a bridge is a bridge is…

an achievement of minds

an arch of triumphs

an arm of invasion

an altar of fire


Tuesday’s theme at dVerse Poetics is “bridge”…let’s play!

rural roads at night

*This is my 500th blog post (and I lived to tell about it!)


yellow sign alerts curious cruisers

maintenance is minimal

level-B for mud bog


narrow gravel road, deep ditch

beware city drivers

meet farm machinery head-on


eyes on dangerous curve ahead

single lane bridge

step hard on gas pedal


“Lune” is an English form similar to haiku with three lines of  5 – 3 – 5  syllables OR words.  Writing a poem a day for National Poetry Month: