mad…or just magnetic?

Sometimes you just gotta play…magnetic poetry!  (First time I used one set of words, no “adds”.)

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God rest you merry

Kristjaan at Carpe Diem encourages us to write a “full circle” haiku series using twelve words (bold), one per line in listed order, on a wintertime theme.

hoar frost on window
breath of heaven’s mist on trees
morning light sparkles

scent of mistletoe
cuddle under soft blanket
fireplace embers glow

poem of december
children praying for first snow
clouds whisper promise

lights on Christmas tree
wrap gifts in shiny paper
smile to see bright star


soft as butter


favorite sweatshirt

mother’s lullaby

foggy lake morning

silky fringed scarf

grandchild’s giggle

leather-bound book

baby rabbit’s ears

fitted suede gloves

fresh powder snow

furry parka hood

sweethearts’ first kiss

perfect pink pearl

warm sleeping bag

infant’s smooth skin

cashmere sweater

rose petal’s scent

tender-loved woman

spirit’s gentle whisper