I have written on this theme before (search my site for “birth of a poem”) but then…after my first son, I eventually birthed 4 more!

poem begins as embryo

when an image sparks

pregnant thoughts

which swell into words;

word cells divide/multiply

to form fetal phrases

as distinct details develop

with additions/edits

until time comes to

birth and deliver poem

to the waiting world

with hope it will be

accepted, perhaps

even loved.

bare passages

it was time,

they tore down the

community hospital;

insulated with asbestos,

warmed with memories of

loudly wet births of sons and

quietly dry death of grandfather.

life at dis-ease tries to heal,

bursting forth or fading away

within tired brick walls

now demolished,

dust to dust.

12-14 weeks conceived



developing young one


photo by Lennart Nilsson

learns comfort of thumb

inside warm, watery world,

of safe and secret sanctuary


tiny ears tuned to listen

to thrum of momma’s heartbeat,

fetal heart swishes double-time

in syncopated love song


ineffable miracle of life,

daddy anticipates the birth

by considering unique name,

for precious persona.


birth announcement

God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.  (1 John 1:5)


messenger of light

alien voice speaks good news

bright winged radiance


trembling shepherds shade wide eyes

angel commands, “Do not fear!”


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