starry nights

photo credit: Stephen Bockhold,



Torches shine along forest trail that leads to clearing.  Youth campers in Rocky Mountains gather around bright bonfire; jostle each other to find seats on long pine logs. Click off flashlights with excited whispers. Flames lick upward as sparks rise higher.  Guitar music wafts through smoke and singing begins.  A chorus of “kum ba yah” fades as heads quietly tip up toward heaven.  Eyes blink in wonder, above and beyond, to where floating sparks extinguish and a million twinkling stars ignite!


clear night on mountain

milky way spills across sky

deep infinity


I’m joining dVerse Poets for haibun Monday’s theme: twinkle, twinkle

oh, van gogh!

Starry Night by Van Gogh

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

lonely dutch artist

paints his view from asylum

seeking blue-hued peace


thoughts like colors swirl

calm by beauty of bright moon

dark tree gives balance


roiling emotions

mind’s sky illuminated

brush-stroked starry night

Missed linking to prompt on CDHK but inspired to write this set…my 300th post!