snow follows easter


“The cock crowing in the milky dawn thinks its call raises the sun;” 

                     – René Daumal


old cock winter crows

easterly wind heralds storm


free image – pexels

red sun is rising








Haiku inspired by quote (Carpe Diem Haiku Kai) in less-than-inspiring weather.


cry after recalling rain


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I admit to selecting more (and more) words to complete this magnetic poem.

when music soars away


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Magnetic “storm” quadrille, linking to De’s prompt at dVerse Poets.

a perfect storm

IMG_1136 - Version 2


cocktail clouds

mind’s darkening spanse as toxicity

to geriatric brain wreaks chemical jarring

of thought process;  hallucinations condense

in shower of nonsensical stories

that plop randomly from

slurred lips onto wary

ears of unnerved

family members

in search

of cover









A quadrille (44 word poem) submitted to dVerse Poets on “jar” theme. 

European tour: Malta

Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai hosts virtual tour of Europe this month.


find peace after storm

missionaries and martyrs

reach their safe harbor


Malta nature 1

(photo credit: CDHK)

morning after gale

(Verse written as American sentences; each a 17-syllable rant)



Puzzled robin perches on downed tree branch

next to nest of broken eggs.

Selfish force of storm has ripped potential life joy

from its safe sanctum.

Ravaged grove stands in stark silence except

for coo~coos of mourning doves.


sorrow’s prism

A haiga (photo with haiku poem) by lynn

A haiga (photo with haiku poem) by lynn


It’s dry and we’re hoping for rain soon (link to Kristjaan’s prompt  at CDHK).

loud rumble and flash

wind whipping drops of moisture

prairie’s night drama


(lightning – free web image)