renga with basho

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s ”Renga Challenge” create a renga with haiku by Basho.


rainy season

sea glow lights held up

by the night watchman

pale koi bubble to surface

paddle junk into harbor


the blue sea

in waves smelling of saké

tonight’s full moon

sitting with friend on the beach

quietly sip from warm cup


on a bare branch

a crow settled down

autumn evening

vermillion koyo fallen

colors faded with sunset



Haiku © Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)           Renga response © lynn__

sign of his presence

Exploring new (old) form of poetry,  the ghazal, at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


symbol of peace whose spirit we know

surprised by shadow, white dove in snow


swift owl or coyote’s bloody salvo

moonlight reveals white dove, still, in snow


on pilgrim road, choose which way to go

follow the sun or white dove in snow


cemetery where winter winds blow

watchman on headstone, white dove in snow


soft, lynn, pure sign of his love to show

alights branch above, white dove in snow



Qumran – 1947

I have privilege of hosting dVerse poetics today with theme of “The Watchman” Won’t you join us?

go, set a watchman!

sheep herder found
high cave by sound
of stone tossed far,
heard crashing jar
held ancient scroll
preserved the whole
of Isaiah’s book
world scholars look
in prophecy
fulfilled it be
truth revealed
for all who see.

Isaiah penned
God’s script for men:
walk in my ways
be blessed your days.
he is just as he is good,
his timely words
our living food.
Deo volente,
we live, we breathe;
list watchman’s call
don’t turn away
lest judgement fall

oh, rue the day!


image of the

prophet Isaiah

by sculptor,

Salvatore Revelli