the treasure

Skeptical about the Bible? Try reading one of the New Testament gospels, the book of John. We all have questions! See post by former agnostic, The Sylvr Pen.


diversified volumes form unique collection
library referenced by love’s common theme

more than mere letters forming words
more than simply words on a page

voluminous, luminous top-selling tome of
truth verified on authority of one true author

a long-ago breathed, still breathing book
a living letter made alive by the lord of life

logos, the Word made flesh, God himself
fleshed out in gracious words of his son

sword of spirit that pierces mind and soul
cuts through deceit, defends against evil one

map to precious treasure of kingdom is not
to be pirated or buried but diligently studied

spill the treasure out to be spent by beggars
memorize the map to find the only way home




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japanese moon

ID 15459790 © Fotosutra |

ID 15459790 © Fotosutra |

keen eye of tiger
silk robe cloaks samurai sword
steel clouds mask full moon

seeking Truth, finding God


Following a false religion might just be a subconscious death wish.

Yet we probably agree that he who lives by the sword, dies by it.

Desire a real relationship with God, not religiosity.



 credit: Nazarene symbol 


By knowing Jesus, we come to understand that

God is truly love.



(“american sentences”: poems of one sentence containing 17 syllables)

1. religiosity. [ri lij′ē äs′ə tē]. noun. the quality of being religious, esp. of being excessively, ostentatiously, or mawkishly religious.  (
2Religiosity is an inappropriate devotion to the rituals and traditions of a religion. (

bleeding hearts

info on names/legend from Wikipedia

In this poem, I incorporated the flowers’ names: bleeding heart,

lady-in-a-bath, lyre flower, Dutchman’s breeches as well as the

legend from Japan, where this plant is native.  Enjoy!


photo credit: Janine Calsbeek

photo credit: Janine Calsbeek


Lamprocapnos is monotypic genus;

this sole species of flowering beauty

like one-of-a-kind love story to make

a shogun son’s heart bleed fuchsia


did he spy the lady in her bath?

(such was King David’s waterloo)

did he, like David, strum on a lyre?

sweet music to woo heart strings


he brought her a pair of white hares

soft as silk, like his young love for her

but she nervously refused the rabbits

(perhaps she feared being scratched)


next, he offered a gift of lady slippers

richly ornamented, warm comfort

for pretty geisha girl’s dainty feet;

she rejected on pretense of poor fit


desire to win her heart possessed

him to envisage a golden gift for

such a golden girl;  ah, earrings to

dangle from tantalizing earlobes


she laughed at flushed youth

in his Dutchman’s breeches

(East India Company imports)

turning cooly to her green tea


wretched soul, to believe only

forbidden touch would satisfy,

goes to misty forest with sword

to rend heart-broken wide open