victorian love notes

my dear iris,

you left me with

dewdrop tears3dbc9515476b6a54a35dfdd2c7a1dcf6--vintage-diy-flower-vintage
on my garden anemone

how can i trust your foxglove love?

offer me bluebells and ivy…

perhaps i shall arrange them in a
vase with fragrant yellow roses.

ah, sweet william,

now that i’ve returned

it is best to plant pansies
in the windowboxes

come away with me and
enjoy the lillies of the valley

let us gather nosegays of violets!

In the Victorian era, flowers spoke secret messages. Sarah at dVerse poets explains the meanings of different blooms (as used in my poem). Say it with flowers!

altar of alterations

Change is the certainty of life —

we (un)certainly hold choice in our hands:

to fear strangeness of change,


to face love’s changing challenge;

to hide from (unfamiliar) monsters


to seek soul (familiar) opportunities

to shrink


to grow!

As we embrace each (minor) moment’s exchange,
we may become (major) catalysts for change:

watch butterflies emerge

encourage spirit’s surge

relieve evil’s scourge.

One must learn to trust the unchangeable One

who forms life

transforms change

conforms us

until his perfect (and perfecting) will be done.










“Give us this day

our daily bread”


Holding up

open hands


to receive

good gifts


our needs,

not wants


for this day,

not tomorrow


to ask daily,

not weekly


trust his time

to provide


sustenance for

body and soul.


Exactly 40 words with title and

Jesus fasted 40 days and nights in the wilderness…