by grace alone

Mayflower II on the Open Seas by Montague Dawson


boatload of faith
puritans flee persecution
embark for freedom to worship

bible believers,
soldiers, profit seekers
travel together in tight quarters

illness on board
violent storms at sea
God’s providence holds fast

birth of child on
vast ocean of hope
blessing for future colony

Another quadrille about the pilgrims; written second but prequels my first…

nature’s adoration

Tan renga is a haiku poem by one poet answered with 2 lines by another…see CDHK


in the light of dawn
sunflowers reach to the blue sky
praising their Creator

© Chèvrefeuille

upturned faces in worship
joyfully follow the light



image from pixabay

walk in the light

“In your light we see light.”  -Ps.36:9b






morning prayer path

first rays enlighten ditches

grass gives thanks for dew

















evening worship walk

sunset illumines grain fields

God whispers his love


(photos by lynn)




reformation within walls


lifer serving time

raises loud voice in worship

imprisoned, yet free


heart of stone softened

plays new music, writes fresh poem

spirit soars, unchained


baptismal witness

covered by mercy’s waters

saves a drowning man



Worship with believers in a penitentiary…Cornerstone Ministries, SD




1.  morning glory

reflective moments

night fades before sun’s splendor

beauty inspires praise


2.  day of rest

focus on His word

quiet the soul’s restlessness

renewed by worship


3.  fellowship

brothers and sisters

gracious hospitality

share meal together


4.  re-creation

wander out of doors

breathe deeply natural scene

rejuvenate mind


5.  two or three

humbly bow our hearts

Spirit hears groans of prayers

power is unleashed


6.  full circle

meditative mood

full moonrise illumines sky

resting in God’s grace


7.  benediction

taking sabbath rest

pause from world’s distracting pace



"Rest from Work" by Van Gogh, Wikipedia Commons

“Rest from Work” by Van Gogh, Wikipedia Commons